Ruangguru: Enhanced Customer Engagement with In-App Features

Distance learning has been popularized by an application focused on education, all thanks to globalisation. A recent survey by Statisca found that education apps are the third most downloaded application for Apple users at a rate of 8.47% in October 2017. In Indonesia, similar applications that can be downloaded via mobile phone have been promoted all over the country, and one of them is Ruangguru. At the beginning of 2017, Ruangguru had already made collaborative work with 16 regional governments in Indonesia to improve learning productivity in schools.

What does Ruangguru offer that enables them to gain such significant attention? A major feature of Ruangguru is its learning management system (LMS) that enables students to look up over thousands of questions based on the latest curriculum. This can be done only by downloading the app and registering your self within the app.

Following the global challenge’ demand about what majority need had surely made Ruangguru growing gradually and significantly.   On the other hand, consumers, in this context students, can be more engaged through the in-app feature Ruangguru has designed (real-time communication).

There are some of benefits of e-learning which Ruangguru has applied in its design of the app:

1. More up to date learning methods

With the introduction of e-learning methods in education, this has widened the possibility of going the extra miles in helping students improve their learning. In other words, there are a lot of features available for students that help them to gain various insights.

In Ruangguru, after the student has registered onto the app. They will get the choice to pick what they want to do; they can start an exercise from the question bank or even join an online learning class.

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2. Improved parent (and teacher) with real-time communications

In offline learning, at some point, it may be difficult to maintain continuous and up-to-date communication. Between educators and parents due to many reasons, including distance, logistical and time. Fortunately, online learning via educational apps may be the solution in terms of facilitating parent-teacher communication the present and future needs of the student.

3. A broad range of online study materials

What makes studying online different is that it gives us broader materials and resources conveniently all within the app.

When maintaining customer engagement with a lot of features consumers could try. It is very crucial to keep customers connected to the company. Companies should be able to fulfill what customers need. And that is how real-time communication platform in Ruangguru takes its role.

Bringing Real-Time Communications (RTC) within the app helps people become engaged and this improves the quality of business-to-customer interaction. Direct communication will provide a real-time discussion which gives students a chance to understand class material deeper. It fundamentally affects and impacts students’ behavior and response if any education application has it. Since students will use the facility frequently, and in return, will be more attracted to the learning activities.

The chat platform feature that Qiscus has provided for Ruangguru has been a great help to the company since it has improved the interaction frequency and quality between educators and students. Additionally, it gives companies community support towards our application. The chat platform provided builds trusted relationships and consumers would be more convenience and easier thing to do.

Keen to find out more? If you are a part of an educational institution and want to incorporate your system with a sophisticated chat technology like real-time communications. Qiscus is here to help you embark on your journey. Whatever chat functions you want to try, we can help you make it comes true. Drop us a note at or e-mail [email protected] and see the possibilities you can do with us.

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