5 Special Features of Qiscus Chat SDK in Your App

There are many aspects you must recognize before selecting the SDK tool for your team. From designing the user interface (UI) to listing methods that are compatible with your current application, from general chat functionality to specific use case that fits to your business process, choosing the right SDK is imperative as it will affect the way your application runs.

It may seem easy at a glance to select the right software but it takes a lot of thought and considerations. While Qiscus Chat SDK has all the basic features expected from a SDK software, such as one-to-one chat, group, and channel chat, we also have the following value-added benefits that are customised to help you improve their processes:

1. Importing and Exporting User, Room and Message Data

Exporting messages is a common feature that others SDK has. Unfortunately, importing data is not by default supported by all SDKs. Qiscus SDK  supports importing user, room and message data as well as exporting it into the widely-used JSON format. This can be useful in instances where you already have an in-house chat system but find it cumbersome to maintain it for the long-term. We know how hard it is and here we ready to support you by offering maintenance services as part of our packages.

Through our  import and export capabilities, you don’t have to worry about losing current user chat rooms that you have created. You can also create a periodic backups such as monthly backup for users, rooms, and messages.

2. Default Advanced Message Type Support

Text and emoji chat support is the default message type that any chat SDK must have. Yet, did you know that our current chat system already supports buttons, cards and carousel message types, too?  For instance, a food delivery company may want to engage users to select their most favourite food of the day with a carousel message type right in the chat room using a bot. Or, another example would be a consultation application requiring customers to see a rating button just before the consultation session has ended.  

Qiscus Chat SDK supports button, card, carousel and custom type by default. It means that by using our SDK, if you want to show a card or carousel within chats, you don’t need to do a customization of the user interface. It will save your team time to build a feature that may not be part of their skill set.

3. Highly Customized

Should you have your own product and are considering placing a chat section in your application, it may compromise the credibility of your app if the chat logo (presumably of another company’s) appears within the app. You can use our SDK as a purely white-labelled product without having to put our logo in the app.

  1. UI-Web SDK
  2. UI-iOS SDK
  3. UI-Android SDK
  4. Sample app with dashboard worked

By using our chat SDK, you can customize our default UI kit to follow your company’s branding theme. By default, we already have a UI bundled with our SDK, but if the style is not to your fancy, you can easily change its physical features.


UI-Android SDK
Sample app with dashboard worked

4. Multi-Platform Support

It is now common for people to want to access apps across devices. When switching from one device to another, they need their chats to be synchronised across their devices, what more with the different Operating Systems (OS)

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It is necessary to provide multi-platform support for communication. You need to provide your customers with the capabilities to chat with their colleagues who are using a different OS from them. Even if you intend to only target Android users, you will still need to consider those who are only interesting in using the Web platform. Qiscus Chat SDK already supports three widely-used platforms such as Web, Android and iOS.

5. Customer Support

One of the most important things that you must consider before choosing an SDK is the level of support provided by the company. Just like how you would want a warranty when buying a phone, you must choose an SDK that can give you substantial support after signing a contract. Our support staff are friendly and helpful and will make the effort to serve your needs in the best way possible. Our support staff are accessible and will provide you support right from the start and throughout your journey.

We are at Qiscus have taken this seriously and we believe that every question is worthy of being solved. Our Solution Architect will help your developer to implement our SDK into your application with close guidance. We are also able to advise the best approach in using our SDK for your application as well as advice the best packages you should choose.

Chat is one of the best methods to engage more users to use your application and its usage is growing by year to year. With the exposure that has been described above, surely using chat to be considered for businesses when they want to make a live chat within their platform. Since through it more efficient, also your team is not overworked to create additional features. So, they can more focus on the main business itself. Don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected] anytime, and we can discuss what’s the best solution to implement chat to your business.

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