Check Out These Customer Engagement Strategies to Help Build Customer Loyalty for Your Business

Customer engagement is the ongoing interactional relationship between businesses and customers that can be done on various communication channels. All businesses want loyal customers, and having loyal customers means that customers have put their trust in your business. One of the things that businesses can do to build customer loyalty is to implement a customer engagement strategy.

A business can carry out various forms of customer engagement, such as interacting with customers on social media, providing various product-related information via email newsletters, creating customer loyalty programs and so on. Through these methods, businesses can create interactions with customers on an ongoing basis to create customer engagement in the hopes of reaching out potential loyal customers.

Reasons Why Businesses Need Customer Loyalty

When a business has loyal customers, it means that the business has been able to establish trust with its customers which ensures continued use of its products and services.

Customer loyalty describes the relationship between businesses and customers who repeatedly make transactions with the business. Customer loyalty becomes very important because when a customer trusts a business, he will be loyal to continue using the business. These kinds of customers are referred to as loyal customers.

Having customer loyalty makes it easier for businesses to convince customers to continue using or coming back to their products and services with every new product or service launch. In addition, loyal customers determine the income stream for the business. Loyal customers make it easier for businesses to increase revenue without incurring high costs to attract new leads since they tend to make repeated transactions with a business.

How Can Customer Engagement Build Customer Loyalty?

There are several ways for a business can to build customer loyalty. One such strategy is by carrying out activities that can increase customer engagement. The following are tips and tricks for businesses to implement to attract more loyal customers.

1. Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are one way to increase customer engagement. Businesses can keep all their customers updated with the latest information about their products or business via email. Emails that are distributed can be in the form of discount information, vouchers, or notifications every time a customer completes a transaction. This way, the interaction between business and customers will continue to exist.

Businesses must also personalize the content of such emails to build intimacy. Steps such as greeting the customer by name at the beginning of the email will make customers feel closer to the business. Recommending products that match customer preferences can also show customers that you understand what they want. When businesses and customers have built a close and ongoing relationship like this, the potential for customers to become loyal customers will be even more significant.

Although today’s businesses understand the importance of using social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter to communicate with customers in the masses, many customers still turn to email to convey their complaints or complaints. Businesses should not neglect the quality of their email responses to customers and should not make customers wait too long for a reply.

There is an easy solution: a business can integrate all communication channels and platforms into one dashboard, whether email, social media, or other messaging apps. This makes it easier to see which enquiries have not been attended to and reduces response time.

2. Interaction Through Social Media

Social media is not just a catalogue to feature products and services. Two-way communication on social media can be a way to build customer loyalty, especially with the high interactivity and engagement in today’s social media platforms.

As an example, Instagram provides many features that businesses can use to communicate regularly with customers. The question box feature or the poll feature can be used to gauge what customers want. Simply replying to comments and direct messages from customers are also forms of customer engagement.

Even in simple interactions, businesses should note a few matters. When responding to questions or suggestions, the business must be able to sound friendly and approachable, even if it’s only through writing, to leave a warm and familiar impression on customers. In addition, businesses need to shorten response times so that customers who ask questions do not feel annoyed from waiting to long or when they have forgotten the previous conversation.

Similarly, regularly interacting with customers through Facebook comments or replying to tweets on Twitter is also part of customer engagement. Considering that customers have different social media preferences, businesses must be able to be present on various social media and be responsive to questions or feedback from customers.

3. Build a Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program is a marketing technique that rewards customers with high loyalty; these are customers who make repeated purchases from a business. Giving rewards is a way for businesses to attract customers to come back by increasing customer engagement. According to a survey conducted by MIT Sloan in 2018, customer loyalty programs have significant and critical value in business growth.

There are various forms of customer loyalty programs. One example is by giving discounts or special gifts every time a customer purchases more than the specified nominal number of items or purchase value. Businesses can share this information via email newsletters or WhatsApp to keep customers informed. A reward will certainly make customers interested and make purchases repeatedly, which can open up opportunities to become loyal customers.

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Businesses need to carry out customer engagement by continuously interacting with customers on various communication channels to nurture customer loyalty. It can be done via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even email, while businesses can easily carry out these customer engagement processes via one dashboard.

To make it easier to build customer loyalty, businesses must first be able to provide fast service on various communication channels 24/7. This will be easy by integrating all social media used with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. This makes the way your business works more effective than having agents move from one application to another.

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