WhatsApp Business API: An Effective Solution for Business Communication

WhatsApp Business API may still be unfamiliar to business owners in Indonesia. However, WhatsApp Business API is a very powerful advantage for many businesses. From unlimited access to devices to integration with chatbots, many WhatsApp Business API features are useful for businesses to improve their digital conversational experience for consumers.

Indonesia has high prospects to become a digital economy. With an Internet penetration rate of 64% and a population of 175.4 million, there are many golden opportunities which can be exploited by businesses to reach bigger markets here.

Google Insight (2018) has stated that the world is currently entering the era of the Age of Assistance. This means that consumers tend to have higher curiosity and are more demanding and impatient than before. The practical characteristics inherent in the digital age create consumers who want instant and effortless processes when transacting.

These show two things: in addition to market expansion opportunities, there are also new demands for businesses. In this context, businesses must be able to make adjustments and accommodate to the system in accordance with new habits and changing consumer expectations. Businesses must be able to meet consumer needs with proper communication procedures and channels, such as through WhatsApp, the app that nobody can live without.

WhatsApp: The World’s Most Popular Messenger Application

WhatsApp is a message medium that is has become synonymous with communication, be it with family, business partners and friends. In fact, WhatsApp is the third most used application in the world, after Facebook and Youtube.

In Indonesia, WhatsApp is the mobile application with the largest active users. The number of WhatsApp users in Indonesia is able to beat Facebook’s and Instagram’s, which are also owned by the same parent company.

More than a Private Short Message App

WhatsApp was originally created as a simple text messaging application which operates without ads or other gimmicks. However, since being acquired by Facebook in 2014 with a value of 19.6 billion US dollars, and seeing its usage potential in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia as an alternative media to replace e-mail marketing, WhatsApp has begun to expand its business model to a wider segment, namely WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp is also attractive to consumers due to its practicality and low-bandwidth requirements compared to other messaging applications.

While WhatsApp is intended for personal use, WhatsApp Business API is provided to help businesses communicate better with customers.

Are you familiar with WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business is no longer a strange term, considering that many online stores have started using this type of application to interact with consumers. However, if you feel overwhelmed because your current WhatsApp Business account can only be accessed through one device, with the addition of WhatsApp Web, another device extension via your browser, you might be happy to know that WhatsApp Business API may be your answer.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software system that allows servers to connect two or more systems or applications simultaneously. This technology is categorized as back-end development (server-side). This means that there is no front-end interface and application that is visible to the user.

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to integrate their WhatsApp accounts into other channels so that they can be accessed through 10 or more devices at once. Thus, businesses can add more Customer Service agents who manage consumer messages on their WhatsApp accounts to safely control their responsiveness with end-to-end encryption. Businesses no longer need to worry about the possibility of consumers complaining or even switching to other brands due to long waiting times for their messages to be responded to.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp API

Not only can WhatsApp Business API play the role of a business’ messaging medium, it can also be used as a Customer Retention Tool. Functionally, this application can be paired with e-mail marketing or other communication channels to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand.

Firstly, WhatsApp Business API can facilitate your business in building brand presence. This can be done by presenting catalogue features including profiles with badges to show that the business is verified (which can also be integrated into the brand’s website), back-end system as well as booking back-end system, in addition to all the notifications for your customers’ varied needs. All of these features are designed to enable your business to provide a convenient and memorable customer journey.

Secondly, you can take advantage of the WhatsApp Business API as a Customer Service Support Tool. However, this can only run optimally when businesses integrate the WhatsApp Business API with chatbot solutions that support the auto-response feature. Businesses can build two-way interaction with many consumers effectively and efficiently, including when customers’ chats come in after operational hours.

Finally, the WhatsApp Business API is able to support brands in creating strong business profiles which are free from fraud. By Masking your business account, the system will automatically display your official WhatsApp Business account together with your business name, which is accompanied by the label “Business Account” and various other related information. The API allows brands to include their website link, address, working hours and customer feedback channels. These information will increase brand trust of your customers towards your business.

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