Facing the Change in Hospitality Industries With Chatbots

The technology had been advanced to help our lives easy and convenient. The emergence of artificial intelligent (AI) through chatbots has affected not only finTech, but also hospitality and travel industries. To serve a massive amount of customer, an efficient and cost-saving chatbots has become a better option and could even make the companies grow.

The change of tide for hospitality industry

The disruption hospitality and hotel industry face is not something without base. According to Gartner, in the future, 30% of Internet users, will do their web surfing through voice, with the emergence of audio-centric technologies. Vocal interactions surely serve humankind many benefits, such as it is convenient to use while driving, cooking, exercising, and many others.

If web browsing will be done without screen, hotels, travel agents, and hospitality industries shall engage a different method to reach their customers. Not to mention that customers demand for the speed of information is greater than ever. They are also not accustomed to wait for someone to answer a simple question or to wait for something to be distributed. Everything must be fast and precise. To survive from the fierce competition, hotels should follow travel agents’ step by encouraging direct booking.

Why it is matter so much to implement chatbots in hospitality industry?

Some may worry that they will lose their jobs if hospitality and hotel industries ever implement chatbots in their system. However, one has to know that this sort of business still heavily dependent on human being. Because as smart as the AI is. It can’t win the fight if we discuss about sincerity and building relationships through natural conversation.

Instead, the technology can help them to enhance customers experience. One have to consider that customers start their experience at the moment when they seek availability for rooms, the rates, looking in different channel, or booking a room. Indisputably, they have more access to information more than ever, thus, having an AI assistant won’t hurt them. Using the assist of a chatbot, one can query against a very specific criteria or help them to decide the best possible rooms available to book. tv home shopping

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Bringing chatbots to your business can elevate the dimension of customer service. For example, it can help guests to check in or check out much easier. Minimize the need to queue especially in peak seasons, enabling them to do this at their mobile devices. What’s more, it can even help hotels to engage traffic that comes to the website and reduce the bounces.

Not only that, chatbot can help them creating a new reservation channel, just take example from Expedia’s case. They use the technology developed by Facebook and launch a basic bot for people to book hotel rooms. This can help hotels and other hospitality industry actors to raise their customers’ loyalty.

This service can also enhanced further with a mixture of personalized yet relevant content delivered by the bot. Such as by sending out an automated email as a reminder or to suggest your other services like spa treatments, airport transfers, or dinner reservations. To top it off, the usage of AI chatbot is not only limited for a front-end system. It can also offer data analysis on the back-end such as customer behavior patterns, purchase history and preferences.


What mentioned above is not far from real if you integrate the chatbot to our Qiscus’ SDK. By using this technology you can provide any function needed for the chatbot to show to customers. Such as assess their satisfaction toward your company’s service. Besides, our built-in rich messages display you can use to render message from your chatbot to help better interaction to user.

If that is not enough, you can take a look at another example. Doku, an online payment method founded in Indonesia. We helped them to serve customer better by integrating our SDK feature to the chat interface in some of their services and help them engage customers. You can place the this burden to Qiscus and we can help your business to develop further. For more information, you can drop us a note at www.qiscus.com or e-mail [email protected] and gain a free consultation.

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