WhatsApp Bot: Definition, Benefits & How to Create

Definition & how to create WhatsApp Bot.

WhatsApp bot have become an innovative solution in strengthening business interactions with customers. With their ability to provide instant responses, troubleshoot issues, and provide relevant information, WhatsApp bot are not only efficient but also provides a number of benefits that can improve business performance.

What is WhatsApp Bot

WhatsApp bot refer to computer programs designed to interact with users through the WhatsApp platform and are automated to provide responses to immediately recognized questions for the user.

These bots can understand questions, provide responses, and even perform certain tasks automatically. Using pre-programmed algorithms and conversational logic, WhatsApp bot provide automation capabilities in responding to messages and providing information to WhatsApp users.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Bot for Business

WhatsApp bot are widely used by businesses to help communicate with customers. Their use is not limited to customer response and there are several benefits in terms of operational businesses.

1. Improved Customer Service

WA bots has been revolutionary in providing faster and more efficient customer service. WhatsApp bot cut a lot of the waiting time for customers to receive a response from your business. With its ability to provide basic information or help customers navigate through certain processes, your customer service can become more responsive and purposeful.

2. Automate Marketing and Promotion Processes

As an effective marketing tool, WhatsApp bot are capable of automating marketing and promotional processes. From sending promotional messages to providing product or service information, bots enable businesses to create targeted and relevant marketing campaigns.

3. Wider Customer Reach

WA bots’ ability to operate without geographical limitations opens the door to a wider customer outreach. Your business won’t just confined to one city or country but also across the globe.

The use of WhatsApp bots will indirectly help you expand your promotions and services to international networks. The bilingual feature of using multiple languages is also a consideration where WhatsApp bots can help your business expand into international markets.

4. Data Analysis and Deeper Customer Understanding

WhatsApp chat bots not only provide services but are also a valuable source of data. By collecting information from customer interactions, businesses can generate in-depth analysis of customer preferences, market trends, and consumer needs.

Through the data generated with the help of WhatsApp bots, you can further process it to provide more personalized services and promotions. This way, promotions and services can be easily captured which will increase customer satisfaction eventually.

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5. Save Time and Resources

Automation, the ease of reaching many customers, and the data generated will certainly help you save time and resources. As said earlier, WhatsApp chat bots are not only about marketing and customer service but also simplifying operations. Maximize your business spending budget for product development and other business development needs instead. When products get better, customer service and marketing strategies will also improve.

6. Be Immediately Responsive 24/7

WhatsApp bots help your customer service agent work even beyond operational hours. This provides convenience to customers who can access information or services at any time, without having to wait for your business hours to begin.

7. Personalize Communication with Customers

WhatsApp chatbot also supports the personalization of services and messages to customers. It has been explained that WhatsApp bots can also help you collect customer data. Through these data, you can provide more personalized services to customers. This helps you enhance customer experience and engagement with customers.

Did you also know that the messages generated by WhatsApp bots are not rigid and can be flexibly altered to suit your business’ needs? Assist your WhatsApp chatbot by using Qiscus AI Assistant. Qiscus AI Assistant will help you write messages according to the buyer’s persona of your products.

8. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Being responsive, providing solutions, and personalizations will give you an advantage in terms of customer satisfaction. WhatsApp Bot can help you reduce customer complaints by becoming more responsive and useful. Reduced customer complaints and consistent customer experience will increase customer satisfaction with your services.

The Costs of WhatsApp Bots

The availability of free or paid WhatsApp bots depends on the platform or service you choose. Some platforms provide WhatsApp bot services for free with limited features, while others may offer paid plans with more complete functionality.

Qiscus, as an omnichannel service provider, also provides a chatbot solution that you can select from Qiscus Robolabs, a database of additional features that businesses can use and integrate in their Qiscus Omnichannel dashboard. Learn more about pricing details here.

Qiscus Robolabs itself has been implemented in various business sectors to help create more meaningful conversations with customers. You can read some case studies and our clients’ success stories here.

Steps to Create WhatsApp Bot

There are several steps to implement WhatsApp Chatbot:

1. Contact Qiscus

To use WhatsApp bot, you must activate WhatsApp Business API. Qiscus itself is an official WhatsApp partner that will help you to activate a WhatsApp API account for your business.

Contact Qiscus here to schedule a demo and consultation session first. You can also learn more about WhatsApp Business API here.

WhatsApp Business API is basically the enterprise version of WhatsApp Business and is intended for businesses which want to reach and serve more customers. The benefits of integration with various applications and obtaining a verified green tick from WhatsApp will improve the performance of your business communication with customers.

2. Register and Create a WhatsApp Business API Account

After contacting Qiscus, you will be asked to prepare some information to create a WhatsApp Business API account. Some of the required information and verification documents are as follows:

  • Phone number to be registered
  • Business legal documents
  • Office address
  • Facebook account

Other needs will be explained further with the Qiscus team. Fulfilling all requirements before account activation will help to speed up the application process.

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3. Account Validation from META

The next process is account validation by META. Duration of verifying your accounts will take some time, though it usually takes less than a week for your account to be ready for use. Complete supporting documents and data will help speed up the registration and verification process of your account.

All processes will be accompanied by Qiscus as a WhatsApp Business API partner in Indonesia.

4. Qiscus Omnichannel Chat Activation

One of the benefits of selecting Qiscus as a partner is by getting access to the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. By activating the WhatsApp Business API, you will be given access to the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat dashboard.

In the dashboard, you can set up message templates, upload customer data, and integrate supporting applications. Learn more about Qiscus Omnichannel Chat’s benefits and available features.

5. Start Integration with Qiscus Robolabs

Although your WhatsApp Business API account can already be used upon activation, you will still need to activate Robolabs to get the WhatsApp chatbot going. The activation process will not take long since Robolabs already contains a chatbot that you can use without requiring coding knowledge. All you will need is a Google account.

Once the Robolabs activation process is complete, you can carry out the integration process through the integration menu in the Omnichannel Chat dashboard. This process will not take long and just requires you switch the feature on.

6. WhatsApp Bot Settings

Next, set up the WhatsApp chatbot on the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat dashboard. You can also set message templates, languages, and more at this stage.

Make sure you are ready to describe your buyers’ persona to simplify the process of drafting or writing messages. Make sure that the messages you write is personalized and easily accepted by customers.

7. Do a Test Run

The last step is the trial process. Carry out a few trial sessions to make sure the WhatsApp bot you are activating is in accordance with your needs. Contact the technical team from Qiscus if you need additional support or assistance.

With the activate WhatsApp bot, it will become easier for your team to always be present for customers anytime and anywhere. In addition to facilitating promotional activities, your customer service will also be strengthened by the presence of WhatsApp bots in your business. Increasing customer satisfaction will also be an advantage that you will enjoy.

Interested in activating WhatsApp chatbots? Consult with the Qiscus’ team here.

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