Qiscus Robolabs: Enhances Response Rates & Customer Experience

Qiscus Robolabs is a new platform on Qiscus Multichannel Chat (QCM) which functions as an integrator between bot engines and the QCM dashboard. This service is intended to make it easier for businesses to create their own chatbots, which can be automatically integrated with the QMC dashboard. The many features available on Qiscus Robolabs cater to various needs of enterprises, especially in terms of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service.

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The Role of Chatbots

A chatbot is a software that can be programmed into chats to provide immediate responses to enquiries without needing a human representative to do so. This can be a powerful tool for businesses in building more responsiveness when interacting with customers. Responsiveness and immediate service are crucial in contributing to a positive customer experience. Data from Forrester found that 77% of customers said that valuing a customer’s time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service.

Therefore, don’t let customers wait long to receive an answer from your business team. With a chatbot, hundreds of incoming chats from customers can be answered automatically and simultaneously, especially questions that may be repetitive or which answers are predictable. Such simple but interactive measures can satisfy customers quickly which can lead to more positive reviews and feedback for your brand. Seeing the great impact of chatbots on improving business customer service, Qiscus has finally launched a new platform called Qiscus Robolabs to help more businesses have access to chatbot technology.

Create chatbots without complicated coding

Qiscus Robolabs is a new service from Qiscus which was launched in September. This platform was created to ease the job for businesses to create their own chatbots. Before that, it is worth mentioning that Qiscus Robolabs contains several features that can support business performance in terms of serving customers via instant messaging. Each feature in Qiscus Robolabs has its own function to help businesses create effective and efficient communication strategies.

Unlike chatbots from other communication platforms, Qiscus Robolabs already has several pre-uploaded templates that are customizable by users. You can simply download a customized Excel template, modify it, and re-upload it into Qiscus Robolabs to suit your needs. Without having to do any coding and other programming work, businesses can simply create a chatbot by using an Excel spreadsheet.

Training Bot Feature: Helps users train chatbots to give the right response

Sometimes, the context of a conversation doesn’t match a bot’s response.

By using the Training Bot feature in Qiscus Robolabs, users are able to train bots without having to do complicated coding. Through this feature, users can train bots by changing unsuitable conversation contexts into the correct one. Using the Training bot feature is very simple because the system will automatically train the bot with the latest contexts. This way, businesses can provide the right automatic responses using the automatic message identification feature by the chatbot.

Improve customer experience and response rate with Qiscus Robolabs

When it comes to communication, several factors can affect customer experience, including personalization of chats, fast responses, and the ease of obtaining full information. Qiscus Robolabs allows users to create chatbots to help businesses provide quick or immediate responses accurately. The chatbot can also be personalized 24/7, including during holidays. This way, business owners need not worry about turning away if consumers who contact them after operational hours.

This also means that customer service agents no longer need to spend a lot of time responding to similar questions by customers over and over again since Qiscus Robolabs will now be able to manage the volume of messages. Valuable time can be diverted to answering more complex questions from customers.

So, what is the role that Qiscus Robolabs can play in improving customer experience?

1. Ease of obtaining detailed information with Bot Template feature

Previously, we have explained the conveniences that can be obtained by businesses in using Qiscus Robolabs. In addition to providing convenience for business, Qiscus Robolabs also provides features that can help businesses improve their customer experience. One such feature is Bot Template. This feature is able to help businesses provide detailed information to customers by providing various ready-to-use templates, such as one for customer service.

Businesses will be able to use and download some of these ready-to-use templates to be used as responses to be given to customers. Interestingly, this ready-to-use template can be changed and re-uploaded as needed so that businesses can provide complete information on products or services offered into the templates. Therefore, even though businesses can rely on chatbots, customers will still be able to get a pleasant customer experience since they can access useful information.

2. Personalized and easy to craft quick responses with the Handover Agent feature

With the many advantages that chatbots can offer businesses, we can’t ignore the fact that some customers are more comfortable communicating directly with human agents than bots. This is why chat personalization is so important. Some consumers are still reluctant to trust in or interact with chatbots; only 63% of consumers are satisfied with chatbot services, and believe that they will still request for a human agent representative if needed.

This is where Qiscus Robolab’s Handover Agent feature functions to create a conversational route from bots to human agents. The user can determine which intent or conversations can be submitted to the human agent. Handover Agent is a feature that can help improve customer experience since customers can have the opportunity to interact more personally with human agents. While the chatbot can manage more concise and repetitive messages, the human agent will have more space and time to respond to more complex questions that the chatbot has automatically redirected.

3. Evaluate and improve communication strategy with accurate data

Every business definitely requires monitoring and analyzing of how their communication channels perform. This allows businesses to continuously improve in providing effective and efficient communication to customers from the feedback they receive via data. The use of Qiscus Robolabs is even more optimal with the Analytics feature. Through this feature, businesses will be able to view metrics and analysis of their chatbot usage, including the number of conversations that have been managed by bots or conversations that had been forwarded to human agents.

Get Qiscus Robolabs now to provide better customer experience

With the many benefits that chatbots can provide, businesses will be able to provide optimal customer experience that benefits customers greatly. Since Qiscus Robolabs has been integrated directly onto QMC, you can now immediately create a chatbot very easily to provide fast responses, personalized chats, and access to helpful data.

If you are interested in implementing Qiscus Robolabs or other solutions for your business, contact our team via this page.

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