Gmedia: Achieves 70% Revenue Growth with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

Gmedia success story using Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

For Gmedia, increasing its business revenue and growth begins with excellent customer service.

Also known as PT Media Sarana Data, Gmedia is a digital solutions provider which offers Internet-based products and services, technology consulting, and IoT for individuals and businesses. With its main office in Yogyakarta, Gmedia has expanded its services to several major cities in Central Java currently, including Solo and its surroundings.

Gmedia believes that customer satisfaction is the main goal in running a business. For this reason, it instills empathy in serving its customers, one of which is in responding to customers coming from all existing communication channels.

Gmedia Wants to Be on All Communication Channels

It is the responsibility of a business to respond timely to its customers and potential customers. One way to do this is by being present on customers’ favorite communication channels.

Currently, Gmedia has established its presence on popular communication media, from WhatsApp, Instagram, to even a live chat platform on its official website.

However, their success today began with encountering many obstacles which slowed them down especially in responding to customer messages.

“We had difficulties when activating (many communication) channels because we had to monitor them one by one. Eventually, (our) response time slowed down,” said Rizka Cythia Mantulangi, Assistant Manager of Customer Care at Gmedia.

Gmedia itself has a target response time of 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this target was initially difficult to achieve.

The difficulty in achieving the response time target was due to many problems in responding to customer messages and switching from one channel to another. As a result, it was too late to respond to many customer messages, which had lapsed over time.

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Integrating All Communication Channels

Along the way, the Gmedia team thought about finding a solution that could accommodate its communication needs with its customers.

“We turned to communication support platforms but the results were still not as expected,” Rizka explained.

In practice, Gmedia itself uses communication channels not only to respond to customer enquiries, but alsoto send bills and maintenance info on its services.

It decided that it needs a platform that could combine all communication channels it is currently present on and manage their conversations faster – something the team finally could do when it found Qiscus.

Gmedia using Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

“Qiscus Omnichannel Chat helps us respond to customers in one platform yet at the same time, obtain customer conversation data easily,” added Rizka.

Gmedia itself does not only use the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat solution. Over time, Gmedia also used WhatsApp Business API to broadcast messages in the form of invoices, offers, and maintenance info.

The benefits of the Qiscus solution itself are not only felt by the Gmedia customer care team but also by the Gmedia digital team.

“Maintenance info and sending invoices became easier for (our) customers. Plus, quick responses from the Qiscus account manager in the event we faced problems and announcements regarding maintenance info features and others also eased our load,” said Fita Dinasty, Assistant Engineer at Gmedia.

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Response Time and Business Revenue Increased with Qiscus

Qiscus’ products and after-sales service are two of Gmedia’s considerations to opting for Qiscus solutions. Since 2020, Gmedia has not only been able to increase response time to customers but also its business revenue.

“The response time itself has increased to 90%, and business revenue has increased by around 70% since using Qiscus,” Rizka explained.

For Gmedia itself, its success in increasing response time also means that customer loyalty to the brand is expected.

“Hopefully, customers can become brand evangelists who want to help offer our products to people closest to them,” added Rizka.

She also recommends that similar businesses or other industries implement Qiscus’ solutions.

“Since we discovered Qiscus, we feel a very significant change and highly recommend it,” Rizka explained.

Your Turn to Succeed with Qiscus

Gmedia is proof that customers are the center of your business vortex. By providing excellent service, increased business revenue will naturally follow.

Choosing Qiscus Omnichannel Chat as your business communication solution with customers is a decision worth considering. Qiscus Omnichannel Chat allows you to integrate with more than 20 applications to accelerate your business’ productivity.

Want to experience success like Gmedia? Consult Qiscus here today!

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