Qiscus AI Assistant: Make Customer Interactions More Valuable

Qiscus AI Assistant

Are you still unfamiliar with artificial intelligence (AI)? AI is a simulation of human intelligence transferred onto a computing system. Simply put, AI makes computers think like humans so that human logic can be read easily by a system.

An example that is currently developing is the use of ChatGPT to help translate human commands. With keywords or commands written by humans, ChatGPT will provide appropriate answers. The source? Data that has been collected during the development of AI itself. In essence, AI can be a human assistant in the process of thinking and making applicable decisions.

While the above is the most common and visible application of AI, it can also be applied to other fields, including in business.

Artificial Intelligence in Business

The easiest advantage that can be obtained from the application of AI is how it is able to collect and read data as well as commands from humans. The first AI tool invented was not as sophisticated as the current AI developments; back then, the commands that could be carried out were limited due to limited access to data and the development of existing technology. However, over time, AI has become widely applicable, even in maximizing business operations. There are two most visible benefits when a business applies AI, namely in terms of operations and revenue.

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1. Business Operations

There are many things that AI can do to aid business operations. AI can maximize the automation of repetitive work such as data entry and analysis. With the help of AI, these processes can be done effectively and do not require much human interventions. Employees can then focus on more complex tasks and assist in the decision-making process based on the data and recommendations provided by AI.

While the above illustrates applications to business operations, AI is now able to extend its benefits to an even bigger aspect of business – customer service. You may already be familiar with the presence of chatbots. The chatbot that you encounter today is a form of AI implementation in customer service. Currently, most AI used by chatbots will provide responses to users according to message templates that have been created and integrated by businesses. However, it is possible that in the future, AI will also be able to answer more complex questions and be able to provide more complex solutions in their responses.

2. Increased Revenue

The benefits of AI in business operations can certainly help you increase business revenue. AI can build a consistent customer experience with its automation advantages. On the other hand, AI is able to increase revenue from from the consistency of the customer experience your business offers. How so? Customers who are satisfied with your brand’s customer service experience will easily make a decision to purchase your products and services, and may also become returning customers in the future.

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In other aspects, AI can be utilized to obtain valid data to support your marketing strategies, ranging from competitor research, customer research, and execution suggestions. The more detailed the data provided by AI, the easier it will be for you to penetrate the market. From the promotional aspect as well, AI can help you plan marketing content in accordance with the analysis of an existing target market. The more focused and specific you are, the easier it will be to reap such benefits.

Get acquainted with Qiscus AI Assistant

Seeing the many opportunities for AI to support business growth and success, especially in the aspect of conversations, Qiscus has newly launched its latest product – Qiscus AI Assistant! Qiscus AI Assistant functions as a virtual assistant that can assist your customer service team in providing satisfying customer experiences. The aspects of conversations mastered by Qiscus AI Assistant include the ability to craft the right message, provide the right ideas for content marketing, and analyze complex conversation data to help you make better decisions later.

Businesses which implement Qiscus AI Assistant are expected to improve the quality of their conversations with customers and help them increase business revenue. The other benefits that can be felt are as follows:

1. Create More Effective Conversations

Effective conversations can be achieved if you understand your customers well, convey suitable information and analyse conversations quickly. Qiscus AI Assistant accommodates to all indicators of effective conversations. When you are too overwhelmed to respond to customers, Qiscus AI Assistant can help you prepare the right messages. Performance analysis carried out by Qiscus AI Assistant can also help you to improve the performance of quality conversations with customers so that not only is there enriching customer engagement, but also revenue generation with closing deals or product transactions.

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2. Drive More Consistent Customer Experiences

Consistency is key to understanding your customers’ constant changing needs. The validity of the data gathered and the supporting features of Qiscus AI Assistant offer a consistent customer experience. This consistency is also supported by its ease of integration with various communication platforms, including those which are popular with your customers. All features in Qiscus AI Assistant can be utilized for customer service, marketing, and after-sales services. Learn more about these features here.

3. Personalized Your Business’ Customer Experience

Personalization is the secret to successful customer experiences. Personalized services and notifications to your customers will build not only transactional but also psychological closeness. This means that customers will not only think of you as a business but also as a friend. A close relationship will also continue to build intimacy between you and your customers, which can be key in terms of generating revenue for the long-term.

Features of Qiscus AI Assistant

The benefits described earlier will not exist if they are not supported by various excellent features in Qiscus AI Assistant. Qiscus AI Assistant not only helps you in composing messages but also helps you to analyze data and support you in making further decisions. Here are the features that you will find useful:

1. Improve Text


Improve Text is the first feature in Qiscus AI Assistant which can help you enhance the messages you send to your customers. If you are not confident with the messages you have craft, select the Improve Text command so that your messages will be transformed to suit your customers’ persona. It can also adjust the tone and clarity of your messages, helping your customers to better understand what you want to convey more effectively.

2. Generate Ideas


The second feature you can enjoy is Generate Ideas. As the name suggests, Generate Ideas helps you to better organize a message or piece of information that you want to relay to customers.

There are two sub-features which support Generate Ideas:

  • AI Generate

This sub-feature suggests alternative responses to your customers based on your conversation history in your database. You can decide which answer is more ideal or appropriate to answer customer questions. Suppose a customer has previously asked about product benefits, and a new customer asks the same question, AI Generate will suggest a similar answer so that your Customer Service team do not need to spend time looking for this same answer.

  • Knowledge Base Generate

This sub-feature helps search for answers from data that you have uploaded onto the dashboard. Qiscus AI Assistant has an embedding function within its knowledge base that makes it easier for you to upload data or references from the content you want to send. For example, if you want to send content to do with health tips, you can upload it to Embedding at the Knowledge Base with a valid website source. After that, Knowledge Base Generate will help you provide message suggestions according to the data you have uploaded.

3. Summarize

As the name suggests, this summarizing feature in Qiscus AI Assistant will help you collate and condense conversations between customer service agents, marketers, and customers. This summary of data will help you identify the context of conversations with customers and prospective customers faster and with better clarity so that you can provide solutions quickly. On the other hand, this Summarize feature will also help you capture customer sentiments, such as their level of satisfaction towards your products or services.

4. Brainstorm Template

Qiscus AI Assistant can also be your discussion partner in determining the right sentences for customers, especially for broadcast messages. Sometimes, as marketers, we may be unsure about selecting a suitable call-to-action which incentivizes customers. In this condition, you can rely on the Brainstorm Template feature to help you choose a suitable sentence.

Activate Qiscus AI Assistant

Based on the discussion above, it can be concluded that AI can help create effective business operations and gain profits through effective conversations. Qiscus AI Assistant is proof of how AI can help you generate business revenue through effective and memorable conversations. Interested to implement it in your business? Activate Qiscus AI Assistant here!

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