AI-Powered Solution to Make Your Customer Service Team Happier and More Effective at Their Job

By adding Qiscus AI Assistant to Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, you can make it easier for your online customer service agents to respond to every customer query.

Qiscus AI Assistant

Enhancing Customer Experience through Human and AI Collaboration

Qiscus AI Assistant brings together human empathy and AI intelligence to deliver a better experience for your customers. Leverage AI technology to optimize agent efficiency and exceed customer expectations with every interaction through chat apps.

Refine Answers with AI-Driven Paraphrasing
With the AI-driven paraphrasing feature, your agents can use help from Qiscus AI Assistant to refine their answers, ensuring they deliver the most appropriate and professional responses to customer queries.
Respond Faster with AI-Generated Answer Suggestions
Train Qiscus AI Assistant with product knowledge documentation and other valuable information, and make it a proficient assistant for your agents. Qiscus AI Assistant can efficiently analyze customer questions and provide accurate response suggestions based on the information it has learned.
Summarize Chat for Smooth Handover
By analyzing chat history, Qiscus AI Assistant can create a summary that highlights the essential points of each conversation. This valuable feature enables your customer service agents to swiftly grasp the context of past interactions, facilitating seamless follow-up and ensuring a smooth transition between agents when necessary.

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