Top 5 Insights From Us! Special Gift for You

On February until March, we published more than 20 articles and reports on Listed below are the five most popular insights of Qiscus thinking, based on visits to our website and blog.

The takeaways? Looking at the list, it’s clear that you, our audience were hungry for perspectives on case study not only specific industries but also the practice of that technology of work itself. Especially, about chat and customer that you should know. A complex world requires staying smart across a wide range of topics.

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  1. How Halodoc Implemented Their Services to Simplify Healthcare Needs of More Than 1 Million Users

Digital healthcare services could be a necessity for those who are using it in the right way. Halodoc is aiming to improve healthcare services by simplifying these services, so that consumers can have an easier access to doctors.

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  1. 5 Essentials of Qiscus Chat SDK You Didn’t Know Your Team Needed

There are several chat Software Development Kits (SDKs) that you can use to create a modern messaging app, such as Qiscus, SendBird, Layer, and Applozic. In this article, we summarize the features of the Qiscus Chat SDK.

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  1. Your Customers Want Omnichannel Customer Service Experience

Omni-channel customer service chats are able to give you the opportunity to serve your customers in a variety ways that are not only convenient and effective, but also boost your brand’s image and credibility. In the conversational commerce era, the most important thing to be emphasized is how businesses are able to provide the same best experience across the channels as customers expected.

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  1. Build My Own VS Using A Third-Party Service: Cost-Saving Tricks I Wish I Knew

You may be wondering whether embedding live chat in your business platform will drain your budget or not. Technically, there are two approaches that you can choose from in order to own a live chat feature within your app. You can either engage a technical engineer to build it from scratch or use a third-party service provider who can provide a live chat product and embed it into your platform. We will discuss the distinctions between the two options so that you can choose wisely.”
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  1. Chatbot Failed to Fulfill Customer’s Request: How Do We Respond?

Although chatbots have become widespread, there are significant challenges. The main challenge is that chatbots may sometimes fail to fulfil customer requests. Some have also predicted that chatbots may eventually become a dying trend. Companies could cut costs by reducing the number of human customer service representatives. However, chatbots may not work out well without human presence.

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