WhatsApp Business API: The Effective Way to Expand Your Target Market

Amassing a large number of customers for any business is oft defined as an achievement. The more developed a business is, the broader its target market. Besides product quality, how a business serves its customers is a factor in contributing to its success. Many businesses have earned loyal customers simply because of the excellent service they have provided.

Merging technology and service together is now possible with WhatsApp. One of the most widely used messenger applications by companies, WhatsApp beat Facebook Messenger and has occupied the number one position as the most used app in the world. In 2021, WhatsApp reached around two billion active users every month, with Indonesia making up 84.8 million users as of June 2021.

With WhatsApp being so prevalent in today’s way of communication, WhatsApp Business API is an excellent solution for businesses who want to expand their target markets and reach. With its various features that simplify the communication process between businesses and customers, business owners should be assured that they are providing pleasant virtual shopping experiences. You will be surprised at how convenient it is especially when WhatsApp is integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat.

Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you integrate WhatsApp Business API with the features in Qiscus Multichannel Chat:

Multiple Agents, Just One WhatsApp Account

Is it possible that only one WhatsApp account can be used by multiple agents simultaneously? Definitely – only by integrating the WhatsApp Business API with Qiscus Multichannel Chat. By combining the functions of the two, multiple agents (we are talking 10 or more!) can use the same account simultaneously at the same time.

Integrated WhatsApp Business API with Qiscus Multichannel Chat makes the work of agents more efficient. From the autoresponder feature to manage customers who send messages outside operational hours to easy allocation of messages to available agents, communication between agents and customers can become more timely and responsive, which is always a good thing when dealing with today’s customers who want fast and immediate responses.

What’s more, you can also integrate other messaging and social media channels, including Instagram or Facebook Messenger, at the same time so your agents spend much lesser time switching from one application to another.

Monitor Agent Performance with Analytics

Agents contribute to the success of a business. As we already know, agents are the ones at the frontlines deal directly with customers to manage their complaints or grievances. To ensure consistent service quality, the WhatsApp API can optimize its function by being integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat, allowing agents’ performances to be monitored through data via the analytics feature. With this feature, the agent’s performance can be measured by looking at response time, time taken to resolve an issue and even the amount of queries they have managed. Agents’ visibility can also be monitored using this feature so that the division of tasks can be fair and clear.

Knowing how each of your agent performs is crucial; the better the service of your agents, the more trust your customers will have towards your business and lesser hesitation to find an alternative. Besides that, there is a possibility for these customers to recommend your business to others. Indirectly, you are expanding your target market while building a positive image of your business.

Build Connections with Message Templates

Using the WhatsApp API is one way to build close relationships with customers. WhatsApp is a platform used to form more personal and intimate interactions. A business can easily provide the latest updates or share information about their business by sending broadcast messages. To create a broadcast message, you can use the Send WhatsApp Broadcast Messages menu option, which can be found in the Outbound Messages feature.

Information about promotions, latest products, or ongoing events can be quickly shared with customers since messages are sent directly to them via the WhatsApp application, which means higher probability of your customers viewing the information compared to SMS or email. Businesses are also free to create their own message templates, which will later be distributed on the WhatsApp Broadcast Templates menu.

WhatsApp Business API integrated with the menus in Outbound Messages can provide an opportunity for businesses to build a closer relationship with customers. A business that fosters closeness with customers will find it easier to invite customers to continue transacting with the business. This not only helps the business in lead generation but also in the customer retention process.

Human-Bot Collaboration Increases Response Time Rate

Incoming messages can be quickly replied to using the chatbot feature. The collaboration of chatbots and agents helps to resolve customer issues faster. Incoming messages from customers will receive automatic replies immediately. Meanwhile, messages that are considered more complex will later be transferred to human agents to be managed.

A large number of incoming messages are usually made up of customers who often ask the same questions while customer complaints or requests are faced by businesses every day. By using the WhatsApp Business API, which is equipped with chatbot, this problem can be quickly managed and the burdens on agents can be lightened.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or complaints no longer have to be answered by agents repeatedly. Automatic replies from chatbots will also appear within seconds, meaning that customers receive a response from the business. Another advantage that is obtained by using a chatbot through your WhatsApp Business API is when customers can receive answers they need quickly and the communication process takes place more efficiently. This shows how the WhatsApp Business API also provides convenience for customers and increases agent productivity.

Convenient and fast service will improve the quality of customer experience. Customers who are satisfied with the services of a business will, through word of mouth, bring across the good reputation of a brand to another potential customer – which is the reality in today’s influencer world. As the information about your business reaches more people, the wider your target market or audience will be.

Integrate Various Supporting Tools with Qiscus App Center

To support the completeness of Qiscus Multichannel Chat, add-on apps are always available in the Qiscus App Center. Here is where you can find dozens of complementing add-ons that can be added according to your business needs, including CSAT or Customer Satisfaction surveys.

The use of CSAT serves to measure the level of customer satisfaction with your brand and as a tool to evaluate the level of service your business brings to customers. Such analytics can prove to be useful as you set new strategies and fine tune your service levels to support the expansion of your brand’s target market.

Expand Your Business Target Market with Qiscus!

As previously mentioned, improving the quality of customer experience is one way to expand your business target market. Joining Qiscus Multichannel Chat is the solution you never knew you needed. Using the features of Qiscus Multichannel Chat, which have undergone lots of R&D, with help you to improve the quality of your brand’s services and can be optimised to so much more areas.

Good service can increase the trust of customers and make it possible for your brand to expand its reach and widen its market share. Switch to WhatsApp Business API now and integrate it into Qiscus Multichannel Chat features to provide the best customer experience for your customers and followers. Contact us to find out more here.

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