Customer Engagement Behavior: Consumer Behavior Characterization of Effective Customer Engagement

Marketing activities for businesses need to evolve with the times, and for businesses in this era, social media has become the primary means for businesses to carry out marketing strategies. One such strategy is known as customer engagement, where businesses establish a strong relationship with customers in the hopes for long-term engagement. With the increasing variety of customer engagement strategies nowadays, a new term called ‘customer engagement behavior’ (CEB) has also emerged.

Understanding Customer Behavior Resulting from Effective Customer Engagement

Customer engagement behavior manifests how various consumer behaviors outside of transactions can significantly influence business growth. In other words, companies are competing to carry out effective customer engagement to stimulate consumer behavior to reach company goals, especially in a time where social media inundates the masses with so much information that competes for their attention.

Effective customer engagement will result in a variety of consumer behaviors. These behaviours include word-of-mouth (WOM) activities, recommendations, helping other customers understand more about the business or having customers write positive reviews about their experience with brands. The key is that the business must be able to implement customer engagement effectively in every customer journey. This can start as early as when customers has just gotten to know the business, when they begin to consume content, to interact with the business on an ongoing basis.

Forms of Customer Behavior That Bring Positive Impact to Businesses

The quality of a customer-business relationship is largely influenced by how a business pans out its customer engagement activities. The positive experiences that customers receive from effective customer engagement strategies will strengthen customer-brand relationships to drive various customer behaviors to positively impact the business.

Here are four customer behaviors that arise as a result of effective customer engagement, and which can shape the progress of a business.

  1. Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is the most essential thing that must be achieved by a business to maintain its relationship with customers. With effective customer engagement, customers will feel more satisfied and a positive impression of the company’s image will be left on them. This is essential to help the brand remain memorable among its customers.
  2. Loyalty / Retention
    The success of a brand’s customer engagement strategies is one of the factors that can keep customers loyal to the brand. The more customers interact and communicate with a business, the higher the rates of customer retention – which means that more and more customers will return to engage with the business again.

    Loyal customers also tend to actively elaborate their insights about their experiences with the brand, which will help businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior. These insights can be a reference for businesses in determining better customer engagement strategies in the future.

    For example, loyal customers are inclined to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to their favorite brands. This is done in the hopes that the feedback given will be considered and eventually implemented by the business. This is one manifestation of customer behaviour as a result of good customer engagement.
  3. Word of Mouth (WOM)
    Through effective customer engagement, positive relationships lead customers more likely to recommend your business to others. In fact, as many as 86% of loyal customers will recommend their favorite brands to friends and family. Spreading by word of mouth is helpful for businesses as customers tend to share their positive experiences whether verbally or through published reviews.

    Almost every consumer judges the quality of a business based on the stories of other people’s experiences and testimonies, whether it’s from community forums or public figures they follow on social media. Because customers tend to trust the quality of a product based on other customers’ experiences, word of mouth can leave a more significant impact if a testimony or review comes from a prominent public figure. This can have a viral effect and can significantly affect the progress and reach of your business, eventually leading to acquisition of more customers.
  4. Complaining Behavior
    When a positive relationship with a customer is successfully built and maintained, the chances of a customer raising a complaint against your business is highly minimised, especially in preventing negative reviews spreading to current or potential customers.

    When there is a defect in a product or error on the part of the business, customers who already have a close relationship with brands will tend to submit their complaints by contacting the brand or business directly. This certainly benefits the business since it reduces the risk of tarnishing your brand’s corporate image and preventing widespread criticism and negative feedback in your target audience.

Consumer Behavior Due to Effective Customer Engagement Brings Profits to Business

Customer engagement is a type of marketing strategy that can significantly impact today’s digital business landscape. Customer engagement directly correlates to producing loyal customers as there is high customer satisfaction towards good products and services, leading to a close relationship between customers and business.

Effective customer engagement, especially when done right, continuously and for the long haul, will lead to various consumer behaviors and actions that can benefit your business. This continuous interaction and communication process can drive customer participation to help your business continue developing quality products and services, and grow to provide better experiences for their customers.

Boost Your Business with Positive Customer Behavior

Effective customer engagement can help businesses create positive relationships with customers. These positive relationships certainly help businesses to achieve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty or retention, improve the business image through positive customer reviews, and minimize complaints that are shared publicly.

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