Evermos: Get more than 100% MAU Boost with WhatsApp Business API


Evermos is a platform that sells various types of products through the reseller and dropship model. Faced with high demand in existing markets, as well as various benefits offered by Evermos, the number of resellers under its purview continues to increase signifcantly. Evermos realizes the importance in establishing and maintaining good communication with its resellers, one of which is through its reseller on-boarding and customer service. To maximize its services, Evermos utilizes the WhatsApp Business API as a communication platform.

Evermos: Taking Advantage of Digital Communication on WhatsApp

Evermos, founded in 2018, is a platform that collaborates with various brands in marketing their products via resellership and dropshipping. Evermos claims that all of the products sold on its platform are Halal or compliant with Islamic rulings. Evermos also offers various benefits to attract and retain resellers, one of which is the convenience of registering as a reseller for free.

Apart from using a PC or laptop, Evermos can also be accessed via a mobile application. Like most other businesses, Evermos also provides a paltform to communicate with resellers and potential resellers. This communication service includes customer service and onboarding the resellers under their care.

The two communication services provided by Evermos are supported by various digital communication channels, with the highest usage on WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp user base being so huge, Evermos chooses to communicate on this platform to easily reach its customers. Unfortunately, conventional WhatsApp accounts can only be tied with one number. Like many other brands and businesses, Evermos started off by creating one WhatsApp account per coordinator who manages customer service and reseller onboarding, which naturally becomes very ineffective as its reseller base burgeoned.

With so many WhatsApp numbers to oversee, Evermos also found that multiple WhatsApp accounts made it difficult to monitor all existing conversations. Evermos eventually turned to WhatsApp Business API to overcome these obstacles.

WhatsApp Business API for Customer Services and Onboard Resellers

Evermos initially collaborated with a WhatsApp Business API provider to provide this solution for its needs. Because the use of the WhatsApp Business API does not have access restrictions, multiple individuals from Evermos’ team was able to access WhatsApp from various devices simultaneously. The WhatsApp Business API, unlike the conventional WhatsApp account, is available through multichannel chat platforms from providers.

Evermos then began integrating various other communication channels, such as Facebook Messenger and Live Chat, and all its communication channels became accessible from the same dashboard, including the WhatsApp Business API. While Evermos was initially satisfied with the above solutions, Evermos encountered some obstacles along the way as it saw a decline mainly in agent performance. It attributed this decline to the lack of stability, reliability, and a User Interface (UI) which was not user-friendly.

Not wanting to dwell on these obstacles for long, Evermos looked to other providers who fared better in these aspects it faced issues with. This search led Evermos to collaborate with Qiscus, which also provides WhatsApp Business API and a multichannel chat platform.

Switch to Qiscus: Experience an MAU Increase of more than 100%

Who would have thought that aspects such as stability, reliability and UI can affect the performance of customer service agents as illustrated by what Evermos experienced. With the obstacles in these three aspects, Evermos admits that it contributed to agents’ drop in their performance. Decline in agent performance can lead to various other problems, such as slower-than-usual response times, which can lead to an unpleasant customer experience for Evermos’ resellers.

Evermos considers that a similar solution offered by Qiscus, with its WhatsApp Business API and multichannel chat platform solutions is able to offer a better experience for its agents. Additionally, with Qiscus, Evermos is also able to integrate its Instagram account into a multichannel chat platform, which it was unable to do so previously.

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