What You Need to Know About The Conversational Era

As a part of modern society, conversation through messaging apps has become one of the main ways for us to fulfill our social needs, this is especially true for the so-called ‘millenials’. However, far beyond that, in this tech-savvy society messaging apps can also be used commercially. They can bridge the gap between a company and its customers, connect customers with other customers, and they can also be used to conduct transactions.

Who does not want convenience while they shop or buy something? Years ago, Amazon and e-Bay were created to accommodate easier ways for people to purchase and search for anything. Now, with the exploding number of e-commerce apps, simply creating a platform is not enough. You have to create more seamless ways to survive in this tough market and reach the masses better.

Conversational commerce as a game-changer

As chat is becoming more integrated into our daily lives, it can serve as a powerful tool to engage customers.  With the current technology, almost everything can be done by using chat. This trend is not entirely new as companies like WeChat have long provided their customers with a way to conduct commercial activities, such as booking tickets or purchasing daily goods.

According to Robert Locasico in Forbes, some modern companies are launching themselves as 100% conversational. They have removed most of the digital barriers that hinder interaction between the customer and the business. The fact is that with the maturing chatbot technology, conversational commerce is undoubtedly here for the long haul. People will be able to communicate with the brand in a more personal way, thus receiving more favorable customer service.

Forrester also states that more than half of US adults will abandon their purchase cart if they don’t get a quick answer, and 99% of first-time visitors won’t be ready to buy on their first visit. This makes it important for the customer service provider or marketer to raise the brand awareness to rope customers in.  Personalized conversation through chat apps will help you to build a better customer experience and increase loyalty.

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These days messaging apps (namely Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and LINE) are enjoying record numbers of total users and growth rates. For example, Facebook Messenger only took around 40 months to host up to 500 million users, doubled to 1 billion in the 20 months after. The messaging apps mentioned above are included in top 10 most downloaded apps in Indonesia. This surely shows how messaging apps in current trends are a strong media to conduct business.

Seeing omnichannel as a tool suitably crafted for this trend

Tech companies have been hit hard by the conversational commerce trend, specifically software houses and digital agencies.  This is because most of the messaging apps and internet features, such as chatbot, live-streaming and more, were developed by them.  Within this ever-changing atmosphere, software houses and agencies are being constantly pressured to meet the demand and need of their clients.

While the conversational commerce trend can disrupt many sectors of business, also it is benefiting the tech companies. Tech companies, like software houses and agencies, can use this opportunity to create a better product to help many retail business and consultants reach their customers seamlessly.

Qiscus believe that real-time communication also holds considerable power in almost every sector and can directly or indirectly enhance the business process, making it seamless and helping the companies raise revenue.

Therefore, Qiscus in full consideration of those factors launched its new product named Qiscus Omnichannel: a dashboard that enables companies to be integrated with various messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and chat widget. This will help companies to deliver a unified message and brand experience to several high user-based platforms in a sleek and simple way.

Not only that, you can also integrate chatbot technology into this platform. Ultimately, it will enhance the customer service capability. Not to mention, by going omnichannel, you can serve customers in a more convenient and efficient way, while at the same time boost the brand’s image and credibility.

We are open to explore new opportunities

Qiscus, as a tech company, also realized that software houses or digital agencies may face the same challenges in terms of providing the best experience for their clients, especially for e-commerce clients. We understand that building your own solution that really meets clients’ expectation is not that easy. Thus, we are always open to explore any opportunity to utilize Qismo Omnichannel.

With this solution, Qiscus believes that every agency and software house can help their client have the ability to provide a better experience for its customers. For B2B software and SaaS companies, finding enterprise customers can be hard so partnering up with an organisation who has similar target clients and products, may provide us with a better platform to attract clients.

Interested in partnering up with us? Don’t hesitate to go omnichannel, as this feature is not only great for your business process but also let your customers have wider access and choices. Drop us a note at www.qiscus.com or you can read our white paper and see what we can offer you.

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