Qiscus Omnichannel Chat Helps AMIKOM Communicate with Students

AMIKOM University is a private university in Yogyakarta. As a university that aims to produce graduates with global qualities and an entrepreneurial spirit, AMIKOM has the vision to become the world’s leading university in the creative economy field. AMIKOM has done many things to achieve its vision, including providing the best services in various areas for its students.

These services are related to lecture activities, from providing quality learning materials to campus facility services. In addition, AMIKOM cares about the various aspects of university life that can affect students learning. One of the services it provides concerns students’ needs, including student administration affairs, tuition payments, or campus services. Having always provided the best possible services, it is no wonder that AMIKOM is in demand by many prospective students.

With a large number of prospective students interested in AMIKOM, it has garnered a large number of students under its wings. Every semester, especially during the new academic year, the AMIKOM administration receives many visits or questions from student alumni and new students, which is not surprising considering its large intake annually. Check out the following article to find out how AMIKOM sets up a convenient and effective mode of communication with its enrolled students.

How AMIKOM Runs Student Services Before and During the Pandemic

Known for its large intake, the AMIKOM administration receives a surge of questions or visits from students for administrative matters, such as payments, class schedules, throughout the year. Traditionally, these queries are usually asked offline or face to face. However, the onset of the pandemic had led to AMIKOM shifting all of its processes online via digital means, including on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

AMIKOM utilizes WhatsApp to serve students who require assistance with registration, tuition payments, libraries, as well as student administration. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram are widely used to share information about the campus to present and prospective students, as well as becoming a means for the public to enquire about the university.

WhatsApp was the most widely used social messaging service by AMIKOM during the pandemic for all lecturing matters. Initially, AMIKOM utilized regular WhatsApp services which required staff to reply to incoming messages one by one. AMIKOM felt that it needed a more efficient and faster way as the use of regular WhatsApp was restrictive. It cannot be accessed simultaneously by many devices or agents at once, which led to AMIKOM having more than one WhatsApp account which was cumbersome.

AMIKOM knew that it needed a solution that can help it manage and respond to a lot of messages, especially on WhatsApp, and which is equipped with automation features to make student service activities more effective and efficient. That was when Qiscus solutions came into the picture.

How has Qiscus Helped AMIKOM?

To enhance its student services process, AMIKOM decided to use two solutions from Qiscus, namely the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat and bots. These two solutions were able to solve various obstacles that AMIKOM previously experienced when it began providing online services to students.

With the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, AMIKOM can now access WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram on the same dashboard. This meant that all messages, including direct messages and comments,it receive on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts were located centrally, preventing them from overlooking questions from the stakeholders.

AMIKOM is already migrated its WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Business API. The use of the WhatsApp Business API has proven to be very helpful for AMIKOM in responding to the many messages that it receives via WhatsApp . Through WhatsApp Business API, AMIKOM can now maximize more features that can support their needs, one of which is the Auto-Reply feature. This feature is very helpful for AMIKOM in responding to similar messages in a short time.

To provide a better and more enjoyable experience for students using online student services, AMIKOM also uses bots —which are also facilitated by Qiscus and can be used in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat – to respond to more messages automatically. This bot is intended to direct students to services or customer service agents who are able to help them with their needs, such as new student registration, class schedules, tuition payments, information about scholarships, matters relating to transcripts, research permits, legalization, and so on.

The use of this simple bot has proven to increase the productivity of AMIKOM agents as they can now focus on messages which concern them instead of irrelevant messages that should go to other agents. In addition, the use of bots has also increased response time as students do not have to wait too long to be directed to the right agent. The use of the WhatsApp Business API also allows AMIKOM to access only one WhatsApp account through many devices at once without any limitation on the number of users.

Find Solutions for Your Services at Qiscus!

As an educational institution with a large number of students, AMIKOM proves that the Qiscus solution has helped it to serve thousands of students from various regions. Starting from registration to student affairs on campus, the AMIKOM service processes have improved and are now more efficient after implementing the omnichannel platform and bot from Qiscus.

Qiscus solutions can help your business provide the best customer service experience and improve processes for your team. Maximize your business services and provide a memorable customer experience for customers. Integrate your communication channel now and enjoy convenience. If you need a consultation, feel free to contact us here.

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