Chatbot: AI Development to Improve Customer Experience

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In doing business, customers are very influential to the growth and profit of any business. As someone who will buy or use products from businesses, customers will usually possess levels of satisfaction that correspond with the standards of services provided by businesses. Therefore, businesses need a strategy to create a memorable customer experience (CX).

Getting to Know Customer Experience

While running a business, you may have heard of the term Customer Experience(CX). CX is defined by the impact that any activity which occurs between businesses and their customers have on consumers. CX is not only limited to buying and selling activities but can also include all other processes such as product release to other services such as providing feedback to the business.

In a Harvard Business Review publication, it is said that every aspect of the offerings made by a company, including advertising, selection and packaging processes, product features, service activities, ease of use, and reliability of a business have an important influence on CX. We often hear that the customer is a king in any business transactions because with the very large scope of activities that involve CX, customers have every right to respond to your business according to how you make them feel.

Why CX is Important for Your Business

Customers who are directly involved with all aspects of marketing, as well as sales and service activities provided by a business will be able to assess and provide a review of whether the business provides optimal service to them in all aspects. If the business provides optimum service, the customer will receive optimum customer experience.

The satisfaction of the customer experience provided to customers allows for a positive review of your brand. Good reviews that circulate from one customer to ordinary people who are just getting to know your brand, will be able to create public-trust, which can make them come back as regular customers and have the potential to bring in new customers. This is also confirmed by a research result which states that, a business with a good customer experience has a 68% higher potential to increase its reputation in less than 5 years. Thus, in running a business it is necessary to pay special attention to customers. And keep in mind, the better the customer experience the customer has, the better the effect it will have on sales results.

How to Improve Customer Experience?

Customer Experience for customers could be improved through many aspects. Of course, this is based on the scope of activities at CX which can include many levels (rational, emotional, sensorial, physical, and spiritual). However, as a first step, businesses can do both of these ways to improve their customer experience:

  • Improve Communication Effectivity with the Right Communication Channels

Communication is the main link between business owners and customers. Therefore, communication is the main thing that must be improved. Communication between business owners and customers can be packaged effectively by selecting the right communication channels. One of the things that your business can consider is WhatsApp which is the most popular instant messaging application with 2 billion active users. To get a communication channel with more advanced features, you can start using another version of WhatsApp, namely the WhatsApp Business API.

  • Always Actively Innovate

Currently, with the development of technology that continues to increase, there are many options for business owners to improve the quality of their services. AI Development as part of technological developments brings the presence of various features that can help in the communication process between customers and business.

Chatbot as a Solution for Improving Customer Experience Quality

It should be noted that the results of the customer experience depend heavily on good communication strategies and innovations made by business. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of new trends or developments that can support your business. For example, awareness of developments in terms of today’s technology. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is very useful and helps many activities such as the delivery of information and communication processes between individuals and their environment. From the development of Artificial Intelligence, there is a system that can help businesses improve customer experience that is called chatbots.

Chatbot is a computer program that is designed to simulate an intellectual conversation with one or more humans, both in audio and text. Chatbot will be very useful in the process of improving customer experience, because this system can be used as an assistant to communicate with customers in real-time 24/7. This of course will avoid communication delays or responses from businesses to customers, right? Because of this, business owners can avoid customer dissatisfaction in the service process.

In addition, the research results also show that the presence of chatbots for business owners can reduce company operational costs by up to 8 billion USD per year by 2022 .By providing 24/7 services and reducing the need for manpower, which often costs more, you need to try to use chatbots in your business process.

How Chatbot Work in Responding to Incoming Messages?

As an automated conversation system, chatbots are made to automatically reply to messages that enter the available communication channels. Chatbots work by relying on certain keywords that have been input by you as a business owner to trigger the chatbot to automatically reply to incoming messages. For example, if an incoming message asks for the price of a product from your business, by analyzing the incoming message text against the keywords that you input into the bot system, the chatbot will automatically reply with the price details of your product. This working system also applies equally to incoming messages in audio format.

In order to start using chatbots, you must have a communication channel that is actively used in your business activities. Several types of communication channels that you can connect with a chatbot include Live Chat on the website and also the most popular messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, via its WhatsApp Business API. If you want to find out more about how to integrate your WhatsApp Business API with the chatbot system check out this article!

Start to Apply Chatbot to Your Business Using Qiscus!

After discussing more about customer experience and chatbots, have you decided to start using chatbots? Through Qiscus Multichannel Chat, you can integrate the chatbot system into your various business communication channels, including the WhatsApp Business API. If you are interested in knowing more about the process of integrating chatbots into your communication channel, please contact our support team via this link!

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