Enhancing Supplier Platform’s Performance through Chat Feature Presence

When it comes to the technology development, messaging has been considered as a part of our lives with a lot of intensity. It is not only for ordinary people like us but also enterprise sectors. For enterprise sectors, messaging is a crucial weapon to optimize their businesses. Why? That is because communication between the customers and stakeholders are very important; it is the base of their businesses; and a way to build the communication through their messaging services.

Having said that, determining what chat service that you will use is important. Do you need a basic or advanced feature? To give you some insights about this matter, now let’s take a look at Indotrading’s case, Indonesia’s largest supplier company which uses chat feature from Qiscus to maximize their business.

Indotrading’s Presence as A Way to Fulfill Business Needs

Indotrading.com is one of Indonesia’s largest supplier network company which provides a lot of needs, especially for the business sector. Just name it, from electronic to chemical substances; they can help you by providing thousands of suppliers database about necessities that support your business.

Indotrading.com can be your purchasing mediator. This site is developed to help small and medium-sized enterprise to market their products digitally, for both local and export needs. However, Indotrading.com is carrying Business-to-Business (B2B) concept, which also means that only the company owner who can input the products, not any individuals. This also aims to reduce fraud and increase convenience in their transactions.

Making a chat feature within your application is an effort to get closer to your customers. According to Rizqinofa Putra, founder of Skyshi Digital Indonesia, chat function in business has three different types. It can be used as the main business, a supporting business or a communication tool.

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In which mostly business using chat as its business supporter. Per Forrester research, customers who chat prior to making a purchase has a 10% increase in average order value, a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% conversion rate. Seems promising enough to engage chat within your business, isn’t it?

As we illustrated before, it is important for companies that carry out B2B concept just like Indotrading to engage conversation through chat feature. It is because they need to provide real-time communication so that they can communicate with their prospect and thus, win the demand.

Chat Feature to Enhance The Sales

Once you decide to buy things utilizing the data from Indotrading, you can just sign up and drop your inquiries. To improve the interaction between the supplier and the customer, engaging chat is important. It is what Indotrading has implemented, they have a chat feature that you can see the symbol (blue pop-up) on the bottom right.

Once you click, there will be a contact display and you can have a conversation with other profiles.

More than ever, business owner now have endless strategies to attract leads and increase sales. The chat feature presence in Indotrading offers convenience to the customer since both parties can throw or answer a question in real-time. This support communication channel is preferred by today’s generation since it enables them to ask more personalized questions directly.

Not only that, Indotrading also provides in-app chat feature on mobile devices. Although the quantity of B2B sales in mobile devices is still small, it is slowly but surely growing. As BCG’s research stated that 70% of B2B buyers have increased mobile usage significantly in the recent two-three years. In addition, 60% of them wish to continue their mobile usage.

This is a highlight point on how crucial in-app chat feature is in a B2B business. Inevitably, the buying behavior will always be shifted and this is the most important task for B2B marketers so that they can cope with this challenge. After all, adding chat feature is creating communication between customer and supplier; not to mention that it is a practical way to assist the potential customers.

With these features, they will help both parties regarding their business inquiries. Especially when you are part of B2B companies which means that more stakeholders are weighing in. By bringing chat feature, we will gain some key benefits like increasing convenience, customer satisfaction, sales and also reducing cart abandonment.

Interested in integrating chat feature within your business system, let it be on your website or even in consumer’s mobile device? Take a look of our features in our documentation or drop us a note at [email protected] whether you need basic or advanced solution, we will be pleased to recommend the best feature for you.

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