Establishing Firmer Footing with A Brand New Website

Time couldn’t have flown faster; it seems like it was just yesterday that we wrote our year-end reflection as our New Year blog post, and now we’re already entering the second quarter of 2019. As you may recall from the blog post, Qiscus is fixing its eyes on enabling conversations between various parties, and we’re doing everything we can to move into that direction by adapting and evolving to the challenges that arise in 2019.

In the spirit of giving new and better things to our clients, Qiscus is redesigning its website so that it can visually and factually meet the needs of our audience and consumers. A thorough and honest discussion between Qiscus’ CTO, business team member, and designer revealed that Qiscus’ website needs a revamp; this year it must demonstrate more clearly about Qiscus’ identity, values, and methods of working.

Wearing our values on our sleeve

After a full day of crazy 8’s remote session, the involved stakeholders formulated a new design for Qiscus’ website. The latest design emphasizes on several of the company’s key values, some of which are scalability, legal compliance, and data-driven information:

1) Scalability

As the year-end reflection blog has stated, Qiscus is now the major chat SDK provider in Indonesia and has expanded its wings to more than 10 new countries as well. Our website, therefore, should move beyond the classic five-page website. It has to reflect the present size of our company, the elaborated services that we now offer, and the prestige of our clients.

Qiscus’ clientele has grown not only by quantity but quality as well. Renowned partners that have been using Qiscus’ services include one of Indonesia’s major unicorns Bukalapak, next-level enterprises such as Astra International and Bank J Trust Indonesia, AI provider, and other businesses from various industries such as BCG, Jatis Solutions, Sprint Asia, and many more. The strength of our brand, based hugely on the enterprises we’ve partnered with, must then be easily recognized by our website audience as well.

2) Legal compliance

With a bigger clientele comes bigger responsibility. Fully aware of the level of security at which our important clients operate at, as well as the clear boundaries that these companies employ in their work, the new website Qiscus also emphasizes our compliance to the applicable laws. The design should support building a sense of trust between Qiscus and its audience so that potential clients will feel safe to proceed in carrying out their business using Qiscus’ technology.

3) Data-driven information

With the growing size of data that Qiscus has to store and deal with, Qiscus is now able to more meticulously calculate how our technology can affect clients’ businesses in various aspects, such as production costs, ROI, and productivity. Such calculations are crucial, both to convince our clients about the quality of our products and to gain feedback on what else can be refined and offered from our store. With the redesigned website, we want our audience to easily recognize that we based all our products and decisions on solid data.

4) Clear product offering

Last but not least, a good web design should be able to communicate how powerful its marketed products are and how they can positively affect their buyers’ businesses. Therefore, we remodelled our website in such a way that the above data-driven selling points are clearly and effectively displayed on the front shelf, ultimately attracting new clients to partner with Qiscus.

What’s in store for Qiscus’ audience today?

As stated above, not only does big data help in measuring the good impacts that Qiscus’ technology can bring to a client, it also helps the Qiscus team to understand its products performance better and to enforce necessary improvements wherever and whenever possible. Armed with this understanding, the Qiscus team has been perfecting their Multichannel Customer Service Chat and Chat SDK so that these products can serve their users better. Not only that, we’re also putting out more information about chat use case and resources to cater to the needs of our product enthusiasts.

More uses of our Multichannel Customer Service Chat

Multichannel Customer Service Chat is one of our products that emphasizes on the value of multiple channels in reaching out to more customers, not only in customer-service scenarios, but also in post-sales engagement, multichannel transactions, and other forms of business-customer conversation.

The product is all about simplicity; how conversations through various chat apps (including the mainstream ones such as Whatsapp, LINE, FB Messenger, etc.) are made simpler and more efficient by controlling all conversations from a single dashboard. It’s also about integrating chat channels with engines such as AI/chatbot, CRM, and payment gateway; paving ways to even more opportunities like conversational commerce, which is the activity of product consultation, review, selling, and buying, all through a single conversation in a chat app.

Ultimately, Qiscus’ Multichannel Customer Service Chat aims to help businesses undergo digital transformation, which begins with the transformation of their communication with customers using Qiscus’ technology.

Better chat SDK for multiple purposes

Another product that Qiscus is offering and improving in 2019 is its chat SDK. As the first and largest chat SDK provider in Indonesia, Qiscus has established its chat SDK as the most effective tool to be used when businesses want to implement an in-app chat feature in their apps. Our chat SDK can now handle up to 10 million concurrent users, proving itself to be hugely useful for companies to enhance their chat performance and customer service, such as what Bukalapak has experienced ever since it first implemented our services.

This year, Qiscus also plans to bring forward our three domains of chat use cases, which are in-app chat, closed-group messenger, and customer service. Through these pages, we want to trigger our potential clients’ imagination beyond the obvious benefits of using Qiscus’ products and show them in detail how they can truly leverage on our features to meet their specific needs. With the correct and smart implementation of our chat service, our clients will be able to refine their business operations and improve their relationship with their customers.

To show our commitment in cultivating more innovation in the area of real-time communication (RTC) technologies, we are also putting out more resources on our website for the audience so that knowledge-sharing will be easier than ever using our platforms. Qiscus’ brand new website provides easier access to more documentations, blogs, white papers, and technical support from the team, all in the spirit of triggering more fruitful discussions by both potential clients and the loyal audience about the newest trends in RTC technology.

It’s just the beginning

As our designer stated in his journey of revamping Qiscus’ website, “done” is a myth, and the above updates are just the first batch of other improvements that the team will continue to execute. The designer and developers will continue to collaborate in perfecting the website so that it will suit current trends and audience’s needs. Other departments are also consistently monitoring the products and be on their toes to catch every opportunity of improvement to better our service this year.

We will also be ready to take notes from every feedback that all our clients and end-consumers provide us with and perform accordingly. We hope that every enhancement and effort that we conduct on our end can impact our audience’s businesses and lives positively because frankly, that’s what we strive for the most.

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