FIFADA Achieves 90% Customer Satisfaction with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

PT Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) is a company that focuses on financial services for the various needs of the community. Services it offers include DANASTRA, AMITRA, FIFASTRA, and SPEKTRA ,which are currently accessible in one application for submitting FIFADA online financing.

FIFGROUP accommodates to the diverse needs of Indonesians by always adhering to the principles of innovation and creativity. Its goal is to become a nationally recognized industry leader that brings about better lives through financial stability. To achieve this goal, the FIFGROUP takes on many paths, including being more aware of the needs of consumers in each of its business units, such as the FIFADA application.

Currently, FIFADA poses the biggest challenge relating to customer expectations, especially in terms of customer service and customer experience. FIFADA believes that building good relationships with customers by prioritizing the customer’s voice will produce positive future results. Thus, FIFADA began to operate via omnichannel technology, which is expected to be able to provide the best form of customer service and to provide a memorable customer experience for every customer.

Read more to find out FIFADA’s journey in making the customer’s voice a priority with omnichannel technology!

What Challenges Did FIFADA Face Previously?

In wanting to build the best customer service and customer experience for every customer, FIFADA have faced various challenges and obstacles. One of them is finding a way to manage conversations coming through various communication channels, especially from social media.

In addition, it is not uncommon for FIFADA to receive complex queries, making it difficult for agents to address them adequately. Some of these questions or incoming messages are often not to the point, thus affecting agent performance since it takes more time to respond to these queries. With only 11 agents at hand, FIFADA face limitations in managing thousands of messages that come in every day, what more requiring lots of time to resolve all existing conversations.

FIFADA utilizes various communication channels to help it to stay connected with all customers. These channels include WhatsApp, email, Instagram, Facebook, and more. In order to make it easier to use and increase response time, FIFADA decided to use a platform that can centralize all the channels it uses. The platform used by FIFADA is Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

Qiscus Omnichannel Chat Helps FIFADA Provide Excellent Customer Service

Qiscus makes it easy for FIFADA to provide effective customer service. One of the solutions provided by Qiscus is Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. With Qiscus’ omnichannel platform, FIFADA is able to centralize all its channels into one dashboard, making it easier to access and maintain all its platforms.

With Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, FIFADA builds closer communication with its customers in an instant, real-time, and hassle-free manner. Qiscus Omnichannel Chat also helps FIFADA carry out all its communication processes through the same dashboard and resolve customer queries faster than before. In addition, FIFADA selected Qiscus because of its competitive price offer. The use of omnichannel is also in line with FIFADA’s goals of creating a seamless customer experience.

The voice of customers is extremely important to the development of a business. Keeping this in mind, FIFADA endeavors to provide customers with fast and easy services by providing shared communication channels. By using one dashboard, its team can respond to every customer more easily, which also makes it easier for agents to carry out further analysis of the customers’ needs.

FIFADA Has Achieved Almost 90% Rate of Customer Satisfaction

Since discovering solutions provided by Qiscus in 2021, FIFADA continues to collaborate with Qiscus to improve its business performance for the long-term. Qiscus aspires to become companions throughout the journey of all businesses it has assisted.

Various Qiscus solutions, such as its Omnichannel Chat, have succeeded in increasing FIFADA’s chat traffic and response time because agent performance has become more optimal than before. With an increase in agent response time, it will naturally have an effect of increasing customer satisfaction.

Another impact of using Qiscus solutions is when the customer handling SLA (Service Level Agreement) becomes more and more structured. In addition, complaint management has also become easier since all information can be accessed through the same dashboard so that it becomes faster and more precise. Meanwhile, the Analytics feature also makes it easier for FIFADA to analyze their response rates and all incoming messages on its social media platforms.

FIFADA’s various successes in providing excellent customer service have resulted in results, where customer satisfaction has reached close to 90% since it first started using the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat solution.

Entrust Your Communication Service Solution with Qiscus!

Qiscus has been able to help many of its clients across various industries provide excellent communication services to customers. With hundreds of clients and millions of users under its belt, Qiscus is trusted by enterprises like FIFADA in contributing to enhanced and efficient customer service, ensuring a satisfying experience for every FIFADA customer. Qiscus Omnichannel will reduce and even eliminate any complaints towards your services, replacing them with convenience that you have never imagined before.

Integrate your communication channels with Qiscus right away to provide optimal customer experience just like FIFADA. If you require consultation or have further questions regarding Qiscus’ services, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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