How Qiscus Helps Talenta Enabling Conversations for Employees

These days many business enterprises try to transform their business digitally. Talenta, a cloud-based Software as a Service (Saas), offers a solution for managing human resources (HR) in small and medium businesses through an easy-to-use and personalized HR software.

Through Talenta, the client can boost the efficiency, transparency, and sustainability of its HR division. HR Staff no longer need to physically manage their employee data, such as attendance information, leave requests, overtime and payroll procedures (including the take-home pay, taxes, health insurance or employment social security administration) as the single page data is readily available digitally.

Widget chat app Qiscus to communicate internally

However, Talenta cannot manage the full gamut of HR issues on its own. Collaborating with Qiscus, a tech company that provides services around creating chat SDK (Software Development Kit) and messaging API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile apps and websites;  Talenta tried to solve the internal communications issues that arose in the company by using Widget Chat App by Qiscus Chat SDK. This integrated feature can be used by any employee within a company, personally or in a group while accessing Talenta’s digitally stored information in

“Internal communication is essential because it puts everyone on the same page,” said Josh Ong in Forbes. The term “everyone” refers to the employee, probably the most crucial stakeholder in the company, aside from clients. By utilizing internal communications, everyone is marching toward the same goal, which in turn creates a more cohesive company strategy and reduces confusion and inefficiencies. The collaboration of Talenta and Qiscus, therefore, reduces confusion and inefficiencies by building and strengthening a company’s internal communications.

How to activate the integrated widget chat app Qiscus

Before using the widget chat app Qiscus in, the user needs to activate the integration feature by following these steps.

  1. In the Navigation bar of, choose Settings.
  2. In the Settings bar, click on Integration Setting, then choose Qiscus.
  3. Click Activate to use the integration of Widget Chat App Qiscus.
  4. Click Submit on the confirmation box that asks whether you want to activate the Qiscus application or not. After the activate button is clicked, the page will be refreshed automatically.
  5. Click Import Data to create a Qiscus account for all the active employee which are registered in the company.  After the submit button is clicked, the page will be refreshed automatically, and the status turns into import data.
  6. Wait until the import data processing is done. Please kindly refresh the page if you want to check whether the import data processing is done or not. The page will turn into Data Import to Qiscus Success once the process is done.
  7. The widget Chat will be shown automatically in the left-bottom of the Dashboard.

The same instruction can also be accessed in Talenta’s site here.

How the integrated widget chat app Qiscus works in personal chat


The above picture shows the display of the integrated Widget Chat App Qiscus in Please take a look on the feature and display explanation below.

  1. Detail of user account that is already logged in.
  2. Search bar to search for and create a new chat. If the name of another user has already been registered, the title will be shown automatically in Widget Chat App Qiscus.
  3. Button to create a new group chat.
  4. List of history chat. Once it is clicked, the user/group chat will be open. Please note that it is a scrollable list and can be divided into two parts: direct message and group message.
  5. Button to minimize or maximize the Widget Chat App Qiscus.
  6. The chat name which is already opened.  If there is no opened chat, it will display the username.
  7. The chat container that is already opened by the user.

    The user can also send text, files, and pictures in the widget chat app Qiscus, as displayed below.

How the integrated widget chat app Qiscus works in group chat

As mentioned before, the integrated widget chat app Qiscus can also be used for group communications. Please use the steps below to create a group chat in the widget chat.

  1. Open Widget Chat App Qiscus.
  2. Click the Create New Group button.
  3. Create the list of the user account that you are going to invite to the group chat, then click submit.
  4. Click the header of the group chat if you want to make any changes, including changing the group name and the group icon.
  5. Click Change Group Name and choose OK if you want to change the group name.
  6. Click Change Group Avatar with a selected file (maximum 2 MB) and pick OK if you want to change the group icon.

The above picture shows the display of a group chat that a user wants to edit in the Widget Chat App Qiscus in Please take a look at the feature and display explanation below.

  1. Detail group chat contains the name and icon from the group chat.
  2. Button to open the edit modal to change the name of the group chat.
  3. Button to open the edit modal to change the icon of the group chat.
  4. List of the members of the group chat. If the remove button and the save button are clicked, the selected employee will be kicked out from the group chat
  5. Dropdown button to add a new member in the group chat.
  6. Remove button to remove a user from the group chat.
  7. Save button to save the change(s).
  8. Cancel button to cancel the changes.

How Qiscus can help you

Interested in creating a personalized chat app for other occasions to digitally transform your business without any hassle? In Qiscus, we have helped many others clients with several use cases in healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, SaaS, and many more. We believe that chat is a universal interface that helps everyone to communicate with each other in many industries. Thus, with our products, including the Chat SDK for Mobile and Website and Qiscus End-to-End Solutions, we believe that it might be a solution for your business. Please kindly review our products in or drop your inquiries here or contact us through [email protected]. Our team will be glad to help!

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