Optimize Your Facebook Ads with Click-to-WhatsApp CTA


Marketing is an important strategy to introduce your business to the public. For today’s digitally-savvy society, marketing on online media is the natural choice. One study found that online marketing activities grew five times faster between 2010 and 2019, proving that online marketing impacts businesses profoundly. Facebook Ads is one of the online marketing platforms that businesses have focused their marketing activities on. Learn more about the advantages of Facebook Ads and how to maximize marketing activities when using it in this article. Find the answer in this article!

Support Your Business with Facebook Ads

acebook is a highly recommended platform for businesses to run their marketing campaigns. Facebook occupies the top spot in social media with the highest number of users and daily active users reaching 1.82 billion in the third quarter of 2020. With its large reach, especially through Facebook Ads, it is designed to support marketing activities and provide increased leads generation and sales value for any @ business.

From a study in 2015, it was stated that 52% of customers were influenced by Facebook when making online and offline purchases. In addition, it was also found that 76% of Facebook users are looking for interesting content that pops up on Facebook pages every day. Therefore, the potential for increasing leads generation through Facebook Ads is very high.

In terms of sales, data from Adweek states that the use of Facebook ads for businesses can provide a Return-on-Investment (ROI) of 152%. Therefore, using Facebook Ads can have an impact on more effective marketing strategies, especially in the distribution of business budget allocations and return on investment. Therefore, the use of Facebook Ads in business marketing activities is highly recommended.

Facebook Ads is a recommended online marketing channel for you to consider for your business, with its variety of features that can help your ads reach customers with the same interests. With a wide selection of ad types and a highly customizable way of selecting target audiences, features such as Call-to-Action (CTA) can enhance the uniqueness of online marketing.

Get the most out of Facebook Ads with Multiple Call-to-Actions

Facebook Ads as an online marketing platform provides various features to maximize the marketing process of a business, one of which is through Call-to-Action (CTA). The CTA is a directive button that will appear on the ad display, which is used to make it easier for customers to interact directly with your business after viewing the ad. Through a CTA, potential and existing customers can connect with your business instantly. This will then form the foundation of your business’ customer experience (CX).

In business, CX is one of the keys to success to help businesses grow. CX is the customer’s perception of how businesses treat them. The perceived process through the use of CTAs can define the customer experience a business provides. Data from Walker states that by the end of 2020, CX will overtake price and product as the main brand differentiator by 86%. In addition, the Segment found that 44 percent of people surveyed will be interested in becoming loyal customers if they have a personalized experience. Thus, the CTA has a considerable influence because it can become a vehicle for these goals.

Facebook Ads also provide various CTAs for businesses based on their marketing objectives. However, when you consider the CX aspect and the highly personable customer experience via CTA, the Click-to-WhatsApp CTA is highly recommended!

Improve CX on Facebook Ads

The way to fulfill CX needs and personalize experience for customers can be provided through the communication process. Currently, there are many messaging applications used by customers to interact with businesses. However, if you want to target a bigger market share, WhatsApp is the answer. As the most popular messaging app with 2 billion users, you have a huge audience base at your fingertips.

For businesses, WhatsApp Business API is a preferred product that can provide efficiency since one WhatsApp account can be used by hundreds of customer service agents to communicate with many customers at one time. The WhatsApp Business API also allows you to integrate various systems to optimize the functions in WhatsApp as your business communication channel. Therefore, integrating your Facebook adverts with the WhatsApp Business API will help you improve your brand’s marketing quality while providing a more practical CX for you customers.

Click-to WhatsApp CTA: Integrate Facebook Ads with WhatsApp

How does a brand connect its Facebook Ads with WhatsApp services? As mentioned above, Facebook Ads has a CTA feature. Of the various types of CTAs that exist, specifically for integration with WhatsApp, there is a Click-to-WhatsApp CTA option. The Click-to-WhatsApp CTA will help you connect directly with the target audience of your ads via the WhatsApp app. Click-to-WhatsApp CTA is a feature that you can find in the Ads creation stage of the Message Destination section. In this section, you can choose to make your WhatsApp account the destination of the CTA button that will appear on your ads or ad displays.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads with the Click-to WhatsApp CTA

To start your first Facebook Ad, make sure you have a business page on Facebook and your brand’s WhatsApp number ready. Below are the steps to integrate the Click-to-WhatsApp CTA on Facebook Ads:

  1. “Login” to your Facebook business page and make sure you are the admin of the page.
  2. To create your first Facebook Ad, start by opening the “Ads Manager” on your Facebook page. Then, navigate to the “Ads Creation” tab which contains all the data and needs for your ad creation.
  3. You will then be directed to the “Objectives” that you want to achieve through Facebook Ads. Do note that of all the types of objectives available, Click-to-WhatsApp is currently only available for the “Objective: Messages, Traffic, and Conversions” option.
  4. After filling in the objectives, you will be directed to “Message Destination”. In this section, you can opt for “WhatsApp” as the destination for your Facebook Ads so that customers will be able to view the CTA button that directs them to WhatsApp on your Facebook Ads.
  5. In the next section, you will be directed to fill in the specifications of “Audience, Budget and Time” to publish your Facebook Ads. Make sure to fill in according to your business needs.
  6. Set up your Facebook Ad with an interesting picture, message or headline in the “Ad Setup” section.
  7. Finally, click “Review” to view your Facebook Ad to make sure everything is in order. Then, complete the process by clicking “Confirm”.

Start Your First Facebook Ad!

Improve your business performance with the help of Facebook Ads which is integrated with your WhatsApp business number. If you have further questions regarding this article or would like to know more about the WhatsApp Business API for your business, enquire via this link.

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