3 Reasons to Use Messenger API for Instagram to Grow Your Business

With more than one billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs), Instagram has one of the largest base of social media users in the world. This makes Instagram a favourable platform for businesses to market their products or services. In fact, as many as 90% of people on Instagram currently follow at least one business account.

On Instagram, businesses owners can also work with well-known influencers to help propel their brands or products to millions of followers. These online celebrities on Instagram have certainly been pivotal in launching the popularity and increasing brand awareness to help businesses earn profits from such high exposure.

The various features on Instagram are definitely useful for business growth, especially when it comes to marketing and selling products to consumers. Considering the widespread presence of millions of businesses on this social media platform, the Messenger API for Instagram only provides more opportunities for businesses.

The Messenger API for Instagram was integrated into Qiscus Multichannel Chat in mid-2021 to benefit businesses especially in facilitating effective and efficient two-way communication with audiences. This collaboration can help your business increase increase in growth as a result of building positive communication experiences with your audience.

We dive into 3 reasons why you should use the Messenger API for Instagram to grow your business:

1. Execute Quicker Response Rates

One of the most important things in growing your business is building your customers’ trust. In fact, a study found that 83% of customers refuse to transact with brands that do not appear trustworthy or do not establish trust with the audience. One of the ways to build trust is by offering quick and immediate responses.

The Messenger API for Instagram which is integrated into Qiscus Multichannel Chat is a tool for businesses to access and manage all customer messages from Instagram posts, mentions, Stories, and direct messages (DM) all on one dashboard. Integration with Qiscus Multichannel Chat makes it easier for customer service agents to create, organize, manage and respond to every customer message so that no message or requests are left unanswered.

These advantages certainly help businesses save time and, additionally, increasing response time since the business is now better able to manage larger volumes of queries in a more timely manner. With the Messenger API for Instagram on Qiscus Multichannel, multiple agents can access the platform to respond to customers without facing the risk of blocked accounts. Managing your business only gets easier with the features available in the Messenger API for Instagram.

Increase Response Time with Chatbots

Messenger API for Instagram can now also be integrated with the chatbot service from Qiscus Robolabs. This service is intended to help businesses easily create their own chatbots. Chatbots only make it easier to respond to your customers 24/7, and even on holidays or after office hours. Business owners would be at peace knowing that their customers have access to pertinent information to the business beyond your operational hours.

2. Build More Effective & Efficient Communication

The Messenger API for Instagram also helps businesses respond to messages and comments from their audience more effectively and efficiently, making it easier for businesses to create meaningful conversations on Instagram.

With the Private Replies feature, brands and businesses will be able to reply to comments from followers on Instagram posts directly via Direct Messages (DM). This allows businesses to interact directly with individual followers, customers or even potential ones.

For example, if a follower who is facing a transaction problem and submits his complaint via comments on your Instagram post, you can immediately provide assistance and respond to the complaint via DM. Don’t forget to remind your agents to introduce themselves by name and mention the customer’s name when addressing the customer to add that personal touch to make the conversation more meaningful.

Get Closer to Customers

Communication becomes more meaningful and impactful when businesses are able to personalize their messages to customers. Again, the Messenger API for Instagram integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat provides an advantage through its Customer Properties feature which is available under the Contact menu.

This feature facilitates your business by allowing you to allocate tags to every customer or contact who comes your way. These tags are essentially keywords matched to customers which are searchable under the Customer Properties list. This way, conversations you initiate with your customers become more effective and targeted since the tags help you to understand and identify your customers behaviour and preferences better.

3. Improve Your Brand’s Customer Experience

Providing a positive customer experience to customers will definitely contribute to increasing your business’ growth rate. This is because a positive customer experience can increase customer spending by up to 140%. The customer experience itself should provide convenience, ease and comfort for your customers and plays a part in attracting them to return.

The Messenger API for Instagram can help to improve your brand’s customer experience and provide interaction, personalization and ease for your audience. With features such as Generic Templates, Quick Replies, and Ice Breakers, your customers or followers will definitely benefit with the ease of communicating and transacting with your business.

The Generic Template feature is a structured message in the form of a carousel that can be shifted horizontally, each consisting of an image, text, and button. The interactive visualization offered by the Generic Template feature is certainly more effective in improving customer experience, as many as 91% of customers now prefer visual and interactive content rather than traditional formats.

Meanwhile, through the Quick Replies and Ice Breakers features, customers will be able to send messages to businesses more quickly without having to type the message they want to convey first. To learn more about how the Quick Replies and Ice Breakers features work, please click here.

Boost Your Business Growth by Opting for the Messenger API for Instagram Integrated into Qiscus Multichannel Chat

Instagram has become a favorite platform for businesses to sell and market products, services as well as promote brand awareness. The various features that Instagram has developed in 2021 are especially useful to help businesses grow, especially in marketing and selling products to consumers.

The presence of the Messenger API for Instagram, integrated into our Qiscus Multichannel Chat, will help you increase the effectiveness of your customer service which will essentially increase your business growth. With easy selling, convenient purchases, increased responses as well as creating meaningful conversations with your customers, the customer experience you provide will be memorable and pull them back for more.

To learn more about how the Messenger API for Instagram integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat can boost your business growth, please contact us here.

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