Centralize Customer Interactions with Lazada Chat Add On

Lazada Chat Add On
Lazada Chat Add On.

Are you actively selling products on marketplaces like Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada? Managing customer interactions across multiple platforms presents its own challenges. Failing to effectively engage with customers can result in them switching to competitors or leaving negative reviews.

One solution is to leverage Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, a platform that integrates all communication channels, including marketplaces. This streamlines customer interaction management without the need to switch between platforms.

In addition to Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, we’ve introduced the Lazada Chat Add On. This feature simplifies business operations by enabling seamless customer interactions through Lazada on a single platform. Curious about the benefits? Let’s explore them together.

What is Lazada Chat Add On?

Lazada currently stands as the third most visited marketplace in Indonesia, offering a fertile ground for businesses to market their products. However, businesses must employ the right marketing strategies to effectively market their products and boost sales conversions on Lazada.

The existing Lazada Chat feature only accommodates messaging in two formats: text and images. However, with the introduction of Lazada Chat Add On, businesses can now send a wider variety of messages. With Lazada Chat Add On, businesses can send various types of engaging and informative messages, such as vouchers, stickers, invoices, and product recommendations through Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

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The ability of Lazada Chat Add On to send various types of messages opens up broader and more engaging communication opportunities for businesses. Businesses can capture customer interest with discount vouchers, make conversations more interactive with stickers, expedite the payment process with digital invoices, and drive sales by recommending relevant products to customers.

Benefits of Lazada Chat Add On for Businesses

Lazada Chat Add On is designed to streamline the maximization of your online store’s performance on Lazada. Here are several benefits you can gain by integrating Qiscus Omnichannel Chat and Lazada Add On.

1. Send Various Types of Messages

Currently, marketplaces impose limitations on the types of messages that can be sent through chats, including Lazada. The introduction of Lazada Chat Add On not only facilitates integration but also removes limitations on the types of messages that can be sent.

Messages that can be sent include text, images, stickers, vouchers, products, and invoices. This expanded range of message types makes it easier for you to build more intense and valuable customer interactions. From pre-sales to post-sales, everything can be done within the same conversation.

2. Communication Centralization

The presence of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat helps businesses centralize communication by integrating all communication channels you use into a single platform. From WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, Facebook, to Lazada, message management can be done within one platform.

The effectiveness and efficiency of agent work will be a benefit you can experience. Without needing multiple devices and opening multiple platform tabs, you can build meaningful interactions with customers within one platform.

3. Increased Sales Conversion

Lazada Chat Add On reaches the customer journey on Lazada, from the offer process to after-sales, all within one platform. This coverage of the customer journey is supported by the addition of message sender limitations. On the other hand, customers are facilitated in obtaining information about products, offers, discounts, and the shopping process all through just one platform.

All these conveniences will create a memorable customer experience and provide comfort for customers to purchase your products. Make sure you also consider customer retention strategies on Lazada for even more sales conversions.

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4. Enhancing Customer Experience

Centralizing communication will enhance customer experience. How? Integration of communication channels in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat allows you to provide a consistent shopping experience to customers. On the other hand, consistency in message content and delivery methods from one channel to another also plays a key role in creating a memorable customer experience.

5. Increased Customer Interaction

One of the benefits of centralizing communication is that your customer service agents’ work becomes more effective, allowing them to handle customer questions even better. Interactions between you and customers can gradually be built well, resulting in customer loyalty in the future.

EY itself explains that sales conversion and customer loyalty are partly obtained from excellent customer interactions. When we talk about customer interactions, it means we must pay attention to who we are talking to, the effectiveness of communication, how interactive the communication we build is, and how well we can answer all customer questions.

Activating Lazada Chat Add On in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat

Once you’ve started using Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, you can take advantage of the perks offered by the Lazada Chat Add On. If you haven’t started yet, feel free to contact our team here for assistance in activating it. Then, simply follow these instructions:

  • Open the App Center in your Qiscus Omnichannel Chat dashboard and select the App Center menu from the sidebar.
  • Search for Lazada in the Explore page.
  • Follow the activation process outlined there. Once successfully activated, the add-on will appear in the “My Apps” tab. Click the “settings” button to configure the Lazada Chat Add On.
  • Before adding the Lazada channel in the App Center, ensure you have a Lazada Developer Account for integration. If not, register here.
  • Once you have a Lazada Developer Account, begin the setup in the App Center by clicking the “Create New Lazada Integration” button.
  • Fill in the name, App key, and App secret provided in your Lazada Developer Account.
  • Access these details at https://open.lazada.com/, log in, and go to “App Console”.
  • Click “Manage” on your Lazada application, ensuring it’s categorized as “In-house IM Chat”.
  • Find the “App Key” and “App Secret” under “Advanced Information”.
  • After providing the necessary details in the App Center, click “Create”. You’ll be directed to your “Lazada App Edit” page.
  • Locate the “Webhook Push Notification URL” and “URL Call Back” that need to be set up in your Lazada application.
  • Copy the Webhook URL from the App Center
  • Paste the previously copied Webhook URL from the App Center into the Input Call Back URL field. Then, click verify. Ensure to check “Instant Messaging” so that the URL can receive updates when new chats come in. Once verified, click “Save”.
  • Return to the Qiscus App Center, then click the copy icon next to the “Call Back URL”.
  • Paste the URL into the Callback URL field, then click confirm.
  • Return to the App Center, then click “Update” to return to the Lazada Chat Add On dashboard.
  • Next, click “Integrated Shop” to integrate with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.
  • You will be directed to the login page. Fill in the required information, then click “Authorize”.
  • Once successful, you will be directed to Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. Don’t forget to do some user testing to make sure the integration is successful.

The Qiscus Lazada Chat Add On is the ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance customer interaction management on Lazada. With Qiscus Lazada Chat Add On, you can save time and effort, increase efficiency, enhance customer experience, and boost sales conversions. Contact Qiscus here to learn more.

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