How to Manage Abandoned Carts on Instagram

Cart Abandonment

As we already know, Instagram has released the Messenger API for Instagram since June 2021. It consists of three phases. It’s no secret that Instagram is a promising platform for businesses, even more so with the new API feature. Hootsuite found that the number of Instagram users who search for products on Instagram exceeds 81 percent.

According to Instagram data, more than 200 million Instagram users visit one Instagram business profile every day. Of course, this opens up more opportunities to do business on Instagram. Coupled with the ease of connecting with consumers with the Messenger API for Instagram, it is a platform to be reckoned with for businesses.

Conveniences Delivered by Messenger API for Instagram

Before the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses which wanted to interact with consumers had to interact directly through the Instagram application. However, this method certainly requires a lot of time and money, especially for businesses with a relatively large volume of communication with customers or businesses with broad consumer bases.

On the other hand, the Messenger API for Instagram, which can be integrated with third-party applications such as Qiscus Multichannel Chat, can make it easier for businesses to manage their communication channels.

One of the Messenger API conveniences for Instagram is the One Time Notification feature. This feature can help businesses deal with consumers who leave their goods in the carts or have abandoned their carts.

Customer Cart Abandonment: Ghosting Consumers to Business

Customer cart abandonment is common for businesses. It is when a visitor on a webpage leaves the page before completing a desired action. For example, a consumer who visits a retail web page then adds some items to the cart without taking any further action such as making payment.

According to McKinsey, the customer’s cart abandonment rate for retail businesses reaches 46%. As the online shopping experience becomes more complex, the rate of customer cart abandonment will be higher. However, with the pandemic, where the level of online shopping is getting more massive, the rate of customer cart abandonment is decreasing, especially in retail and food.

The reasons consumers ignore their cart in e-commerce also vary. One of them is the reason for the extended delivery time when shopping online. As many as 35% of consumers leave their goods in the basket just like that. The good news is that businesses can reduce customer’s cart abandonment with a one-time notification in the consumer’s message window.

The good news is that businesses can reduce customer’s cart abandonment with a one-time notification in the consumer’s message window.

One Time Notification: How to Reduce Customer Cart Abandonment

With the Instagram Shopping feature, shopping is made easier for consumers to shop. However, this does not necessarily mean the business is free from customer’s cart abandonment.

But with the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses won’t need to worry anymore. Customer cart abandonment can be reduced with the One Time Notification feature in the Messenger API for Instagram. This feature will send notifications to consumers with their approval to remind them about the items still in their carts.

Before using this feature, businesses need to pay attention to several things, including:

  • The information provided should not be confusing, deceptive, or spam. Ensure that the content of the message or notification sent is related to the interests of consumers and must comply with community standards
  • Businesses are not permitted to promise rewards to consumers or equivalent so that consumers will agree to a One Time Notification
  • Pages which receive a lot of negative feedback or which are found to be confusing or deceptive will lose access to the API

The following illustrates the use of the One Time Notification in the Messenger API for Instagram, which is used to notify consumers that the product they want is available.

Facebook for Developers

Overcome Customer’s Cart Abandonment on Instagram with Qiscus

Instagram is a potential platform for business owners to grow their business, especially in providing the best services for customers. This is made more accessible by the Messenger API for Instagram, which can be integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat to make it easier to manage incoming messages from consumers. The faster the business responds to (prospective) consumers, the more excellent the business opportunity to convert these potential consumers into new consumers.

Furthermore, the various features provided by the Messenger API for Instagram can help businesses overcome customer cart abandonment as businesses can send one-time notifications to consumers to let them know that they have left their item in the cart.

Qiscus Multichannel Chat is here to help your business create a positive and responsive customer experience by allowing you to manage Instagram messages in one dashboard. Integrate your business’ Instagram Business account and increase sales with Qiscus here.

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