Evermos: Increase Customer Engagement with Messenger API for Instagram


As one of the businesses which is increasingly spreading its wings in the realm of Instagram, Evermos has turned to social media as a means to build customer engagement. Evermos considers Instagram as a high potential platform to bring in new resellers, especially as it endeavours to expand its reseller base. Evermos desires to maximize interactions and communication built on this platform with customers; more details in the following article.

Evermos: From Informative Content to Giveaway Contest on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media channels that Evermos actively uses to share information, build engagement, and bring in new resellers. As a brand that looks to recruit brands and resellers to expand the base and reach for local brands, Evermos regularly shares many educational and engaging content, including tutorials, posts on product knowledge, promotions, and even giveaways on its Instagram Feed, Stories, and Reels. Evermos also takes advantage of IG Live, a platform to interact in real-time on Instagram, to interact directly with followers every week.

The various efforts that Evermos has employed to build interaction and communication with its followers on Instagram have not been in vain. This is seen from the large quantities of Instagram Direct Messages (DM) and comments it receives every day. Not wanting to miss a single incoming message or comment, Evermos decided to put a team in place to focus solely on managing leads, customer interactions and communication on Instagram.

Even though it may initially seem easy to use Instagram from a separate dashboard or application, there are obstacles and limitations using Instagram this way. For one, it will be challenging to view the number of messages that the business has received or resolved, while viewing communication service metrics will be impossible.

With the urgency to measure and analyze its own communication services metrics on Instagram, Evermos finally decided to turn to Qiscus as the right solution. With Instagram’s Messenger API for Instagram, also integrated into Qiscus Multichannel Chat, Evermos embraced these features to improve its customer service quality.

Instagram Integration with Other Communication Channels on Qiscus Multichannel Chat

Evermos uses the Messenger API for Instagram to support its business needs on Instagram. It is not the first time Evermos has used a Qiscus solution. Previously, Evermos has also used two other solutions from Qiscus, which you can read about in full here.

Using the Messenger API for Instagram which is fully integrated with Qiscus Multichannel Chat, Evermos is now able to track all the data related to how it communicates with its customers. Available data to monitor includes the number of incoming messages, completed messages and agent performance on Instagram, to name a few.

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The Messenger API for Instagram also helps Evermos track which IG Story content its followers is most interested in based on the number of incoming replies to specific Stories. In addition, Evermos can also tracks content that it considers optimal in attracting followers based on the comments or Direct Messages it receives on Instagram.

These various metrics are valuable for Evermos as it tracks its customer engagement efforts on Instagram. Looking at the long term, these metrics is useful for Evermos to attract more resellers via Instagram, which will impact the brand’s growth rate.

Previously, Instagram could only be accessed through its website or on the application itself; now, Evermos can integrate its Instagram account into Qiscus Multichannel Chat together with previously integrated communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, and others. Merging all communication channels onto the same dashboard is undoubtedly one of the most effective and efficient ways to become more efficient in providing good communication channels for customers and followers. With all incoming data centralized in the same place, this will significantly facilitate how the brand monitors and reviews its communication performance.

Get to Know Your Consumers More Closely with Qiscus

The existence of accurate metrics or insights related to communication services will undoubtedly help businesses develop strategies that are right on target for the future. Through these insights, businesses can also evaluate services that are presently running and improve aspects that they feel are still lacking. All these are done in the hopes of providing a good customer experience for all consumers.

Reflecting on how Evermos uses the Messenger API for Instagram, various things such as what followers are interested in and how to attract followers’ attention can be obtained through existing insights, which are only available on the Messenger API for Instagram. Learn more about how the Messenger API for Instagram can help your business by consulting our team here.

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