Increasing Your Customer Base: Implement Effective Customer Engagement

One of the factors that contribute to business growth is amassing a large customer base. This can only happen when a business is able to build on a large customer base with plenty of loyal customers who won’t hesitate to make repeated purchases. To build trust in customers, businesses need to strengthen relationships with customers and one way to do this is by implementing a powerful customer engagement strategy.

Customer engagement describes the process of interacting with customers through various methods and channels with the intention to strengthen customer relationships. This process begins right from the moment potential customers or leads discover the business to when they complete making a purchase. Companies should consider any suitable method that allows them access and reach to customers via the various channels where the customers are already actively communicating or consuming content.

Is Customer Engagement Really Necessary?

Strengthening relationships with customers is not just by offering high-quality products and services. A customer engagement strategy needs to be carried out to prove that a business also cares and pays attention to the needs of its customers. High-quality products and services may initially attract the attention of many customers, but a pleasant process of interaction can keep them coming back for more.

A pleasant interaction with customers is formed when your business shows genuine empathy in every interaction and communication you make with them. Don’t ignore basic etiquette and kind replies: explaining each customer’s question in full, saying Thank You and asking for customer feedback after the interaction and transaction is complete are just some ways to ensure your customers are served well in every interaction with your business.

Why are all of these important? This is because good customer engagement will produce more loyal customers. Loyal customers are powerful in that they usually recommend your business to others, which in turn will bring in more customers. That way, you generate higher revenue from a large customer base that keeps going day by day.

How do we implement customer engagement strategies to pull customers to stay with your business?

Implement Customer Engagement Appropriately to Connect Better with Customers

The implementation of customer engagement certainly takes a long time and requires consistency from the business. Furthermore, businesses also need to innovate and create ways to understand their customers’ needs to connect better with them.

Here are 5 ways businesses can implement effective customer engagement strategies.

1. Understand Customer Behavior to Determine the Right Strategy

The key to success in implementing a customer engagement strategy is that businesses understand customer behavior and habits first and foremost since not every method can work on different communication channels. Segmentize your customers by communication channels or when they usually contact your business.

For example, most of your customers might be more active on the WhatsApp platform from 07.00-11.00, and on the Instagram platform from 15.00-19.00. Increase customer interaction during these times and use the right methods that fit each channel. For example, on WhatsApp you can create personalized conversations while on Instagram, you can present interesting and relevant content to trigger customer interaction.

2. Leave Positive First Impressions on Customers

The first time a prospect contacts your business is the first opportunity to build a strong relationship with a new customer. Make the most of this opportunity to leave a good first impression on customers. One way is by providing easy access and quick responses for customers.

In 2022, social networking sites have also transformed into popular communication channels and are estimated to reach 3.96 billion users. They are also expected to continue growing with time. Three most popular communication channels are WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, which makes them strategic places to connect with customers. By being on the communication channel where customers are situated the most, they have easy access to contact your business.

Apart from being on the communication channel with the most users to provide easy access for customers, be sure to respond immediately when receiving messages from customers. 82% of customers rate an immediate response as ‘Important’ or ‘Very Important’ when they have a question for businesses. With easy access and fast responses to customers, the process of implementing customer engagement strategy can certainly run more seamlessly.

3. Always Provide the Latest News & Educate Customers

Keeping up to date with the latest news while providing educational content can be a way to stay connected with customers so that your business will remain memorable. For example, when your business launches a new product or service, create content such as email newsletters, articles and video tutorials and send them through the most suitable communication channel.

You can notify customers about these updates through various communication channels such as email, instant messaging applications, and other communication channels. Through the content presented, ensure that your customers understand new product features or services, as well as its advantages and how to use them through educational and easy-to-understand content. This way, you can ensure that customer engagement runs seamlessly.

4. Collecting Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is a way to engage customers in the process of increasing business growth. Through feedback, customers will feel heard because you show that their opinions and suggestions are valuable. This is an effective customer engagement strategy to strengthen relationships with customers.

From customer feedback, you can also identify whether your efforts have been successful and what areas need improvement in your business. In addition, make sure customers know that their feedback is being heard by letting them know that any product update or improvements were based on customer feedback. In this case, the CSAT application can help you as its function of collecting customer feedback.

5. Implement Customer Engagement Consistently

Customer engagement should not only be done once or twice. Even though the company’s target has been successfully achieved due to the proper implementation of customer engagement, don’t stop implementing customer engagement strategies to strengthen relationships with customers for the long-term. Keep on updating your customer engagement strategy with new, relevant ideas so that customers don’t get bored with interacting with your business.

Fulfil Customer Needs through Customer Engagement across Multiple Channels

Customer engagement is needed to show that your business cares and pays attention to customer needs. In implementing customer engagement, companies can select any suitable method through various channels where customers mostly communicate or consume contents. The five ways in implementing customer engagement that have been discussed above will be more effective with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

With the features in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, you can provide easy access, immediate responses, personalized conversations, notifications of the latest news, and other benefits. There is also a Qiscus App Center which provides a CSAT application to help you collect customer feedback. If you are interested and want to discuss further, please contact us here.

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