Qiscus Robolabs: Customize your Chatbots with Intent Visual Builder

Intent visual builder on Qiscus Robolabs.

Chatbots are indispensable in today’s era of doing business where immediacy is a normal part of customers’ demands. Chatbots are used commonly in customer service to respond to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), be it general questions from customers or related to products or transactions.

For businesses who intend to implement chatbots as part of Customer Service, Qiscus Robolabs is a chatbot application designed to meet customer expectations for businesses to provide excellent customer service. Winning the hearts of customers by becoming familiar with their every desire and expectations are key to retain and keep customers loyal.

However, implementing chatbots may sound daunting especially if your team lacks technical capabilities. Is it really impossible or expensive to implement? We share more in this article how Qiscus’ no-code chatbot can be the perfect answer to your worries!

The Power of Robolabs

Worried about complicated coding and programming? Here are some benefits that you will gain by utilizing Robolabs as a chatbot to support your customer service performance:

1. No-Code Chatbot

No programmers in your team? Or don’t have coding backgroud? Qiscus Robolabs allow you to create a functional chatbot according to the integrity of your business even without an IT team. All you need is a Google account or email address. Making a chatbot is easy because Robolabs is already integrated with Google’s bot engine, Dialogflow.

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2. Ease of Integration with Other Applications

Robolabs supports integration with other applications. When you activate Robolabs, you will receive access to Qiscus Omnichannel Chat to eventually help you to integrate with other applications. Some applications that may be able to maximize the performance of your chatbots are WhatsApp, e-commerce, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

3. Automatic Agent Handover

This feature is useful for forwarding to agents who are presently online or on duty. This reduces the accumulation of messages, including the incoming queue of messages. This agent handover function itself can be set during or outside working hours.

4. 24/7 Support

24/7 support is certainly a fixed benefit that you will enjoy when using a chatbot via Robolabs. You no longer need to be afraid that your customers will be neglected when office hours have ended. All customer messages will eventually be recorded in the app’s conversation history and analytic data.

Set Chatbot Flow as Needed with Intent Visual Builder

Intent Visual Builder is a newly released Qiscus Robolabs feature which makes it easier for users to create their own chatbot intent and flow. Previously, this intent was only a list, and it was very difficult for users to see the mapping of their intent, especially if they have many. Therefore, the switch from the list to the intent visual builder is done to make it easier for you to set the chatbot flow according to what your business needs.

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1. From List to Flow Diagram

intent visual builder.png

Previously, the intent or flow settings on Robolabs were in the form of lists. The more commands that were entered, the longer the list will be. Over time, adding more command lists became a barrier because it becomes even longer and more difficult for users if they want to check or add commands.

Presently, users no longer need to set their own intent because Robolabs is now equipped with an intent visual builder. While previously intents were in the form of a list, the newly released feature now places them in the form of a diagram. This makes the Robolabs chatbot command flow clearer.

2. Set Bot Flow as Needed

Bot Flow can also now be set easily with just a click of the arrow button on the existing intent and then setting the command you want your chatbot to have. The intent visual builder will also add diagram patterns automatically, making the function more concise and user-friendly than before.

3. More Dynamic Display

The new feature also ensures that you no longer need to switch pages. Users can simply set one page of intent easily, with new intent diagrams and forms, thus speeding up the process of producing a chatbot. There is still no need for coding since everything can still be arranged on just one page.

4. More Intimate and Personalized

The easier you can set up intent, the easier it is to build more intimate and personalized conversations with your customers. Through the intent visual builder, you can create intent according to customer categories so that response and message content can become more personalized to incentivise customers.

The intent visual builder developed in Robolabs, unfortunately, can only be used by pro version users of Robolabs. Regular Robolabs users will still be able to access the intent feature but in a list form like before. Even so, the benefits of Robolabs remain the same in the sense that it can still help you maximize the performance of your customer service teams.

Have a question about the intent visual builder feature? Consult with our team here. For those of you who don’t have a chatbot and are interested in using Robolabs, you can directly activate it here.

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