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Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is a system that can help businesses centralize all consumer data into the same dashboard. Not only that, CRM can also help businesses manage their sales process from start to finish. Through this system, businesses can learn more about the sales process of every customer, whether it is ongoing or otherwise.

91% of companies with more than 10 employees use CRM to manage conversations with consumers. This high number is proof that the demand for the use of CRM systems is quite high in many companies. In order to strengthen and continue a nurturing sales process as part of the stages of the customer journey, Qiscus launched Qiscus CRM, a CRM system that is integrated with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. For more, see the following article.

CRM: Definition, Functions, and Benefits

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool or system that can be used by businesses to simplify business processes for a more seamless and simple communication flow. The CRM system also helps businesses monitor every stage of the customer’s sales journey so that they can be more aware if there are certain processes that need to be completed or reviewed.

However, the use of CRM is not only limited to simplifying the sales process. It can also help businesses provide memorable customer experience. In the long term, a positive customer experience can in turn produce loyal customers.

How exactly does CRM work? Simply put, a CRM system will store every customer interaction across various business channels into the same database. The information collected can be in the form of personal data, purchase history, needs sought, and so on. All this data can be accessed by every sales team on duty.

The convenience offered by a CRM system is certainly very tempting for businesses, especially if the business is classified as middle to upper scale with a large number of consumers. According to Findstack, there are at least 82% of businesses who feel that using CRM to create sales reports has automated the sales process, and as many as 92% of businesses believes that using a CRM system is very important to achieve their main goals of becoming a customer-centric business.

CRM has a variety of functions and other benefits in its application for businesses such as:

  1. Helping businesses to centralize all consumer data obtained from conversations across multiple communication channels. This centralization of data helps businesses to minimize the presence of scattered or lost data.
  2. Provide complete and accurate insights into what consumers want from your business. This insight is not just an estimate, but is believed to be accurate based on the data stored in the system.
  3. Automatically record all types of sales opportunities received in each communication channel. This will certainly help businesses in monitoring every opportunity that comes, without missing a single one.
  4. Helping businesses to know what kind of marketing activities are running effectively and efficiently, and which are not. This can help businesses evaluate and carry out more targeted marketing activities in the future.
  5. Allocating opportunities from each potential lead to an appropriate agent so that consumer needs can be immediately addressed and given the most appropriate solution.
  6. Assisting businesses in creating memorable and positive customer experiences for all consumers, as well as the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers.
  7. Detailed knowledge of every need of consumers can certainly help businesses take one step closer to understanding their customers better. It also makes it easier for businesses to determine the most relevant solutions for their customers.
  8. Assist businesses in monitoring and managing the entire sales process from start to finish for every customer. This can minimize the possibility of missed or late opportunities to manage customers. In the long term, of course, it can help businesses maximize the sales process with higher results than before.

Given the many functions and benefits provided by a CRM system for businesses, it is certainly not surprising that the need for this system is soaring every year. It is normal for businesses to want to implement a CRM system in order to achieve maximum results, both in terms of sales and customer experience.

Get to know more about Qiscus CRM, integrated with an omnichannel platform

Seeing the high need for CRM tools, as well as the enormous benefits that can be felt by businesses from using this system, Qiscus launched its newest solution named Qiscus CRM. Qiscus CRM is automatically integrated with the omnichannel platform —which is also launched by Qiscus so businesses can maximize their entire sales process while building a positive customer experience.

82% of businesses consider CRM to generate sales reports to automate sales processes

Source: Findstack

The sales process is one of the most crucial aspects of the customer journey because at this stage, the business requires effort in recognizing and providing relevant solutions according to consumer needs. Therefore, through Qiscus CRM, businesses can further maximize their sales process with accurate insights and data obtained based on the history of conversations with consumers.

The use of Qiscus CRM is believed to be able to maximize many things for businesses, especially in terms of customer data management and sales processes, such as the following:

  1. Centralize and organize all consumer data, such as personal data, conversation history, purchase history, key needs, and so on into one dashboard seamlessly.
  2. Allocate various available tasks from the sales process to relevant agents for immediate execution so as to minimize missed tasks.
  3. Monitor the entire sales process in a 360-degree manner and resolve important issues more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.
  4. Help businesses get closer to consumers through various insights and accurate data from interactions with every customer. All needs and what has been conveyed by consumers in the past are automatically recorded and can always be viewed by the business.
  5. Know which marketing activities are most relevant and deliver the best results. This is so that businesses can conduct periodic evaluations and continue to present targeted marketing activities to target customers.
  6. Automatically integrated with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat so that the communication and sales processes are connected to each other more seamlessly. All data related to consumers through many communication channels, will automatically be centralized into the same dashboard. Businesses no longer require excessive effort in opening more than one platform.

You can also enjoy the main features of a CRM system through Qiscus CRM which also allows you to take advantage of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat to centralize all messages across multiple communication channels. There are also many other supporting features of Qiscus CRM that can help you maximize the sales process and consumer data management. For more information regarding Qiscus CRM, please contact us via the following link.

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