Maximize Your Lead Generation Strategy for Stable Business Growth

To ensure stable growth and business continuity, the right lead generation strategy is needed. In the world of digital marketing, lead generation is a process to attract potential customers (or leads) by inciting their interest purchase products or services offered by a business. A business certainly needs to generate leads, without which it will face a lack of sales and building up the customer base it needs, which impact its growth and revenue. Businesses need to employ various strategies to attract leads, from creating interesting content, discounts and product promotions, and other strategies.

When leads become interested in a business, the usual expected turn of events is for them to interact and communicate with the brand. This is the golden opportunity for businesses to respond by communicating effectively with leads. Effective communication is considered as an important tool to increase sales and business growth because it can increase customer satisfaction. In fact, 83% of companies believe it’s important to make customers happy or satisfied to increase revenue.

Qiscus provides solutions to help businesses maximize lead generation strategies through effective communication processes with leads.

Provide Responsive Service 24/7 with Chatbots

One way to carry out effective communication to retain leads is to provide quick responses to their questions or messages.

Apart from friendly interactions, customers also expect fast responses when caught in a problem. Shortening the response time to messages from leads can increase the number of new customers acquired. In fact, 82% of customers believe that an immediate response is important or very important to them when they have questions for a brand or business.

In today’s digital era, customers may choose to interact with businesses outside of working hours and still expect to get a response as soon as possible without waiting for long. 64% of customers claimed that 24/7 service is the most helpful, which can be achieved with chatbot functionality. Chatbots are tools that can help businesses respond to enquiries and messages from customers around the clock, including outside business hours when customer service agents may not be available.

Currently, Qiscus provides chatbot technology via Qiscus Robolabs. This feature can help businesses ensure that their lead generation processes run for 24 hours consistently. By using a chatbot from Qiscus Robolabs, which is available all the time, businesses can ensure that no leads feel neglected or ignored.

Guided Conversation Process with Leads

Apart from providing responsive services, it is the also the duty of businesses to help and guide leads well through responding to every message and question they relay. This is an opportunity for businesses to build trust and maintain relationships with their leads. When a business helps and guides leads well, it can generate and retain more leads by nurturing and earning their trust. To do this, businesses must first identify leads through questions that have been pre-determined.

Qiscus also provides Chat Templates to help businesses provide answer options to leads to direct them to the right agent. With options selected by leads through Chat Templates, businesses can collect more detailed information from leads. For example, a business can create options for customers to make a purchase (view or book a product), the option to learn more information (guides etc), or the option for customers to receive immediate help from a customer service agent (e.g. live chat with an agent).

Through the Chat Templates available on Qiscus, agents can identify leads with company-defined questions. Then, according to the sentences or answers that leads provide, businesses can ensure that leads are assigned to suitable agents with the Auto Assign and Agent Routing features, also available on Qiscus Multichannel Chat.

Maximize Agent Performance to Optimize Lead Generation

The effectiveness of agent communication services in carrying out lead generation strategies also depends on agent productivity. Therefore, businesses need to ensure agent performance is optimal in the design of their lead generation strategies. For example, businesses can optimize the quality of their service to customers using a combination of human agent and chatbot, which is also available in Qiscus Robolabs. When the chatbot is able to provide immediate responses to questions from leads which match that from its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database, other types of questions can be automatically directed to human agents. This means that human agents can now focus more on resolving more complex lead questions. This way, no messages and questions from leads will be ignored. Through a combination of human agent and chatbot, agents can become more productive because they don’t have to spend a lot of time responding to repetitive questions over and over again.

Besides that, businesses can also integrate their various social media platforms onto one dashboard using Qiscus Multichannel Chat. This helps agents save more time in replying to the many lead messages from various communication channels from one place. Moreover, agents will respond more quickly to leads because they don’t have to bother opening multiple platforms.

In addition to improving agent performance, businesses certainly need Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with accurate data to measure how well agents are performing. Qiscus provides an Analytics tool for businesses to receive accurate data such as the number of customer questions and messages replied to and other important metrics that can be used as a reference for businesses to assess which areas of agent performance that need to be improved or trained.

This data can later also be used to design incentives or to motivate agents to improve their performance in order to receive more leads. When agents obtain insights regarding customer data, agents can identify which actions are appropriate in converting leads into customers.

Optimize Your Lead Generation Strategy with Qiscus

It takes the right lead generation strategy to ensure stable business growth and continuity. Effective communication with leads, such as responsive services and a guided conversation process is also needed to carry out effective and successful lead generation strategies. Through Qiscus Robolabs, Chat Templates, Auto Assign and Agent Routing available on Qiscus Multichannel, businesses are able to access powerful tools all in one location to elevate the standards of your customer service.

In addition, the lead generation process is also more efficient with the Analytics feature. Businesses can collect accurate reports and data to measure how well agents are performing. With these data and reports, businesses can evaluate and improve its lead generation strategy in the right direction. To learn more about how Qiscus can help businesses execute the right lead generation strategies efficiently on one platform, please visit this page or contact us here.

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