Paragon, Avoskin, Elsheskin: Here’s How the Beauty Industry Creates Positive Customer Experiences

The beauty industry has always been a booming sector but has become a formidable trend in recent years. Beauty products have long become part of the lifestyle of many Indonesians, and finding a local beauty brand is not difficult. The Association of Indonesian Companies and Cosmetics (PPAK Indonesia) estimates that the growth of the beauty industry this year will increase by 7%. To date, Indonesia has become a market for consumers who want to take care of themselves.

The positive prospects in the beauty industry in Indonesia have resulted in many local brands entering the market and making competition in the beauty industry even tighter. An interesting thing to note is that consumers in the beauty industry tend to have a high level of loyalty. So if a consumer feels that they like a particular brand, they are less likely to switch to another brand.

Therefore, brands engaged in the beauty industry need to continue to innovate in developing their products and their customer service, especially in the digital era today.

See How The Beauty Industry Sector Continues to Focus On Customers’ Interest

Apart from being innovative in creating quality products for its customers, the beauty industry in Indonesia must also focus on understanding its customers to survive. This is proved by several beauty brands, which are big players in Indonesia, such as Paragon, Avoskin, and Elsheskin.

Paragon’s Technology Innovation Offers Personal Shop Experience to Customers

As one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in Indonesia since 1985, Paragon develops, manufactures and distributes various beauty brands. Paragon continues to innovate and develop the beauty industry with more than 10,000 employees who are also known as Paragonians.

Bringing value and implementing its vision to continue contributing to being the best beauty solution in Indonesia, Paragon is committed to staying focused on its customers. This commitment was proven when the lockdown in 2020 and 2021 impacted all retail stores that provide products from Paragon. Beauty advisors were not able to meet customers directly, which posed a huge challenge to earning sales.

Despite these challenges, Paragon realized its commitment to focus on customers by improving the capabilities of its existing beauty advisors by providing them with expertise in offering, consulting, and providing recommendations to customers online.

Paragon also decided to take advantage of the WhatsApp Business Platform, which is integrated into the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, and set up a consultation platform named as an online beauty advisor — which was previously done offline. The use of the WhatsApp Business Platform has helped Paragon’s customer service team manage high volumes of messages, enabling direct consultation to increase sales and customer retention.

Furthermore, Paragon can offer a personal shopper experience through WhatsApp, which is integrated with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat by bringing an offline shopping experience online. This allowed customers to access detailed product information via conversations with Paragon’s customer service agents. This solution enabled beauty advisors to provide consultations and recommendations that suit each customer’s needs precisely and quickly.

In addition to providing a memorable customer experience for customers and achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 98.9%, Paragon’s decision to turn to WhatsApp Business API led to traffic increase by up to 600%.

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Avoskin Uses Messenger API for Instagram to Stay Connected with Customers

Avoskin is a local brand from Yogyakarta which produces various types of skincare products. Various innovations and new products launched by Avoskin have made it increasingly popular among many people, especially women. The increasing number of Avoskin products has resulted in thousands of consumer messages received by the business on various communication channels, including Instagram.

In addition to various innovations and new products that are continuously launched, the needs and convenience of consumers are no less important for Avoskin. Therefore, every interaction and customer message that Avoskin receives on Instagram is one of the main things that the enterprise always focuses on to stay connected with customers.

Avoskin admits that they are flooded with messages on Instagram DMs and comments every day, so receiving more than 1000 messages everyday is nothing new to them. Overall, these messages always consist of frequently asked questions about their products or requesting for consultation before buying any product. However, the large number of messages on Instagram often overwhelms Avoskin’s customer service team. Using Instagram accounts simultaneously on multiple devices also puts Avoskin’s Instagram account at risk of being temporarily blocked.

After much contemplation, Avoskin turned to the Messenger API for Instagram with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat as a solution.

After integrating the Messenger API for Instagram with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, Avoskin’s customer service team can now respond to every consumer message through the same dashboard without having to access the Instagram application directly. Avoskin also no longer worries about its Instagram account being temporarily blocked because it is accessed from many devices. Avoskin is now no longer overwhelmed with managing multiple customer messages and is able to appreciate every interaction that it makes to stay connected with its customers as it can now be carried out more smoothly.

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Elsheskin Saves More Time in Communicating with Consumers

A local brand founded in 2014, ElsheSkin offers cosmetic and skincare products for all kinds of skin problems. Determined to create new quality products for the global community, ElsheSkin employs research and innovation in creating its products. Not only that, ElsheSkin is also committed to providing the best service to all its customers because it believes that customer satisfaction is top priority.

As the company grows, ElsheSkin increasingly expands communication channels to stay connected with its customers and continues to provide the best service it can. Previously, ElsheSkin accessed each of its communication platforms separately. However, this was less effective and inefficient as it took up a lot of time.

Seeing this problem, ElsheSkin turned to Qiscus as an omnichannel service provider. By utilizing the Qiscus Omnichannel Chat service, ElsheSkin now integrates all its communication channels so that itsn team can easily access all its communication channels on one dashboard. This convenience has helped ElsheSkin save time by increasing its response time to customers while also increasing its team’s productivity levels.

The use of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat has certainly facilitated the communication flow between ElsheSkin and its consumers. ElsheSkin can now commit to providing even better services to all its consumers because communication with them has now run more effectively via Qiscus Omnichannel Chat.

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Various Conveniences Offered by Qiscus for Indonesian Beauty Retail Industry

As we have seen above, Paragon, Avoskin, and ElsheSkin have faced endless conveniences after partnering with Qiscus. Paragon can easily provide a personalized experience for its customers so that customers feel that they can still interact personally with the brand. So that Paragon achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 98.9% and increased Paragon’s WhatsApp Business API traffic by up to 600%.

Furthermore, Avoskin also feels the ease of integrating the Messenger API for Instagram with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat. Not only is Avoskin no longer overwhelmed in handling more than 1000 incoming messages, but Avoskin is also no longer worried that his Instagram will be blocked because it is accessed on many devices, because after being integrated with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, now Avoskin can access Instagram DMs easily along with other communication channels in one dashboard.

Like the previous two brands, ElsheSkin also feels the convenience of Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, which helps ElsheSkin increase their agent’s response-time productivity. With Qiscus Omnichannel Chat, ElsheSkin can integrate all of its communication channels in one dashboard and strengthen its commitment to providing the best service for customers.

Maximize Your Customer Service and Make Communication Flow More Efficiently with Qiscus

Considering that beauty products are now increasingly in demand by consumers in Indonesia, one of the problems that are often experienced by this industry is undoubtedly the difficulty of dealing with a large number of consumer messages from various communication channels.

Together with Qiscus, popular brands in the Indonesian beauty industry such as Avoskin, Elsheskin, and Paragon, have been able to respectively meet their customers’ needs and expectations by providing positive customer experiences by integrating its communication channels on one Qiscus Omnichannel Chat dashboard. Without the need for many devices, the flow of digital communication with consumers becomes more effective and efficient.

This convenience also ultimately increases customer satisfaction and will impact sales. Follow in the footsteps of Paragon, Avoskin, and Elsheskin, in creating a positive customer experience! You can consult and discuss further with us here or contact us via WhatsApp here.

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