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Centralise all customer messages onto one single dashboard, connecting your own app and other chat apps within one location.

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Easily Resolve Your Customers' Issues

Resolving your customers' problems have never been easier with our Multichannel's 3 Key Features

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Channel Integration

Engage your customers through their preferred chat channels. Connect your own chat widget and social messaging app onto a single dashboard.

Supported channels:

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and many more

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Agent Allocation & Performance

Our system is smart enough to assign incoming enquiries to agents with lesser loads. You can create your own rule for agent allocation while monitoring and measuring your agents' performance.

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Bot-Human Collaboration

Scale your customer engagement efforts by integrating an AI chatbot. Complex queries will automatically be handed over to a human agent seamlessly.

Improve Your
Customer Experience Now

A lot of businesses have benefited greatly from our technology. Now, it's your turn.

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Multichannel Chat
Easy to combine all your channels in one place. No more opening up multiple channels and dashboards.
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Qiscus SDK Chat
Building an in-app chat has never been easier because of Qiscus SDK Chat.
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