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Qiscus Ticketing:
Initial Stage to Give the Best Customer Support

Convert various incoming messages in Qiscus Omnichannel Chat into
tickets that must be attended to immediately on Qiscus Ticketing.
Conduct investigations by starting
a conversation with customers.

Provide the Support Your Customers Need

Serve Customers
Without Hassle
Present ticketing solutions to resolve complex issues as simply as possible. Improve the synergy of your Customer Support team to provide a memorable customer experience
Quick and
Easy Customizations
Qiscus offers value for flexibility without the need for complex customizations. Integrate Qiscus Ticketing and Qiscus CRM with Qiscus Omnichannel Chat
One Dashboard
to Do It All
Remain agile in serving customers at every stage of the customer's journey. Analyze, allocate, handle and resolve customer requests using Qiscus Ticketing
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Centralize Your
Customer Support Processes

Increase Your Agents’
All processes integrated into one dashboard. No more switching applications, helping you save time and increase your agents' productivity.
to the Right People
Qiscus Ticketing allows you to efficiently allocate incoming tickets to the right people easily and quickly.
Real-time Analytics
Access the metrics critical to your business in real-time. Monitor ticket rates and your team's performance to develop a better customer support strategy.

Why Should You Use Qiscus Ticketing?

produktivitas menurun

Decreased productivity due to constantly switching apps

komplain pelanggan

Complaints from customers who complained of delayed responses

Terjadi kesalahpahaman

Misunderstanding within the internal team while managing customer requests

Timbal balik

Negative feedback from customers

Timbal balik

Difficulty managing customer requests and messages at the same time

Dealing with Entry Tickets and Replying to Customer Messages in One Place: Why Not?

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The Qiscus Customer Support team is ready to serve you anywhere and anytime. Contact us via e-mail, chat, or on any digital communication channel.
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